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Kawasaki To Partner Manx Radio With ‘mountain Memories’ StationTo help fill the void left by the cancellation of the 2020 Isle of Man TT races – the team at Manx Radio will broadcast 7 days of “Mountain Memories,” powered by Kawasaki K-Options.

For anyone that has ever visited the island during TT fortnight, Manx Radio is definitely the “sound of the TT,” and has been on air since 1964. The station was initially established purely to broadcast the Tourist Trophy races. A team of eighteen staff produce the commentary from around the Isle of Man, with the commentary points around the course changing over time as competitors and their machines have become faster.

With no live on-course action in 2020, Mountain Memories aims to help fans around the world get a TT fix with a week-long broadcast focusing on some historical racing moments from the island, plus fantastic interviews of riders and Team Managers that have taken on the famous 37 and 3/4 mile mountain course.

Listeners will be able to tune in wherever they are in the world via the web at, from 8am on Friday 5th June to 6pm Friday 12th June 2020!

Highlights will include:

–        Chris Kinley in Conversation with a line-up of top riders
–        The 1975 Senior TT – Hailwood’s Comeback
–        McGuinness Breaking the 130 lap in centenary year
–        2010 Superstock – Part of Hutchy’s 5 in a week
–        1992 Senior TT – Hislop vs Fogarty
–        The whole TT 40 years on the Air series. A look back at Manx Radio’s coverage from 1964 onwards
–        The History Mann looking back to the 1907 TT and the 1911 TT
–        Rider’s Choice featuring Robert Dunlop, Steve Hislop and more
–        Roy Moore’s Mountain Memories
–        Much more

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