R&G, the world leader in damage protection products for motorcycles, is excited to announce a UK partnership with Visorcat, the award-winning wash and wipe visor device. Fitting over a rider’s glove, Visorcat allows motorcyclists to clean their visor whilst on the move, helping to ensure crystal clear vision.
With spring currently in full force, every motorcyclist will be aware of the annoying bug-splattered vision that accompanies the biking season. Now, thanks to the R&G-distributed Visorcat, that can be a thing of the past. The innovative wash and wipe device attaches to the rider’s glove and allows him/her to clean his/her visor with a sponge and wipe the excess fluid away in two simple movements of the hand.
Manufactured in Britain from 90% British parts, Visorcat has been successfully used by motorcyclists around the world including intrepid explorer Nick Sanders. The unique device is incredibly simple to use, with riders simply needing to fill the reservoir up with the supplied Visorcat wash before their journey. To ensure optimum vision, it is recommended to regularly clean the sponge with warm water and replace it when worn out.
Retailing at £36.99 (including VAT) for the standard version and £51.99 (including VAT) for the bumper ‘Touring Pack’, Visorcat is available now from R&G at
R&G UK Sales Manager Alan Garrett commented “Our vision is the most important aspect of riding a motorcycle on the road and every biker knows how dangerous it can be when insects, dirt and grime builds up on the visor. With Visorcat, riders can quickly and easily clean their visor whilst on the move; ensuring crystal clear vision.”
Visorcat director Jill Boulton said: “Visorcat is an excellent tool for high-mileage riders, commuters and touring motorcyclists. We are renowned for our 2-year unlimited mileage warranty and customer back-up, and R&G have a great reputation for looking after their dealer network – so we’ll make a good team.”
For more information on the full range of R&G products and dealer opportunities, please contact Alan Garrett, UK Sales Manager on 01420 89007 or alan.garrett@rg-racing.comor your R&G Sales Agent.

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