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KTMS Naked November Throws Off The Covers On Thrilling New Models 01Setting the benchmark when it comes to introducing ground-breaking technology across its product portfolio, KTM has been setting and breaking records in both the sales front and in its rapid rate of new model releases. With a clear focus on some key innovative technological features, KTM’s Naked November will be highlighted by the introduction of a selection of thrilling new motorcycles.

KTM never rests on its laurels and the goal is to make riding safer, faster. For this KTM is continuously developing groundbreaking technology and rider aids, but without disconnecting the riders from their machine. KTM acknowledges that each rider is different and that’s why each KTM machine offers a multitude of personalisation and customisation options.

The first sensations of twisting a KTM throttle – those first moments when it’s impossible to suppress that massive grin – must be matched with the technology and innovation. The goal is to ensure that the thrill of riding a KTM is linked with all-around rider reward. To this end, KTM bikes ‘stretch the envelope’ to breaking point when it comes to the latest software and hardware on the motorcycle market.

For almost 20 years the ferocious and versatile KTM LC8 motor has been propelling the most iconic KTM machines. From the Dakar Rally-winning machines of the early 2000s to the segment-leading Travel and Naked models in KTM’s updated line-up, the iconic V-Twin engine has left a big mark in the motorcycle industry. The powerhouse engine continues to thrive and will now be at the heart of a selection of brand-new creations and fresh incarnations of THE BEAST.

To help keep this brute power to the ground in all conditions, KTM has been working on evolving its technology. This allows even the average rider to tame THE BEAST. One of the recent technological developments is the second generation of WP APEX Semi-Active suspension: the introduction of the new SAT allows for more flexibility while riding. Riders are able to tailor their setup, whether it being for the long unbeaten road that lies ahead or thrashing out lap times on the race track.

To learn more about the above technology and all the revolutionary features that KTM has to offer, stay tuned for the release of the KTM Tech Guide; a comprehensive and educational platform that will be launched on on November 9. Leading the charge within the KTM Tech Guide will be the legendary LC8, the driving force behind so many flagship models at KTM.

The release will be followed with an in-depth look at what makes the second generation of WP APEX Semi-Active suspension a must-have on November 11.

At KTM we don’t like to tease, but with ‘Naked November’ around the corner we wanted to get your engines revving, with new models lining up behind closed doors, which are about to burst wide open. When?

Coming on November 16:
Two incarnations of THE BEAST are about to take centre stage, which all have the attributes of the complete Naked bike. Popular demand, sophistication and better performance means we’re ready to let something more out of the cage.

Arriving on November 23:
All powerful and practical and KTM-style; for some this 2022 model will be the definition of how KTM blurs the segments of the motorcycle industry.

Keep that helmet in your hands, your new ride is about to be unleashed!

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