Laramoto Reviews The Speedo Angels Anti Fog Visor Insert – Clear Vision In Rain Or…. More Rain!

Laramoto reviews the Speedo Angels Anti Fog Visor Insert – clear vision in rain or…. more rain!

It’s raining, I’ve got to get my bike serviced and I’m tired of my visor fogging up. Time to fit the Speedo Angels anti fog visor insert. Did it work on the road, in driving rain and whilst I sat huffing and puffing at traffic lights? Yes. Here’s how I got on.

I actually bothered to read the very clear instructions on the back of the packet this time, always a good start before I end up getting fingerprints everywhere. Anyone who has fitted a visor insert before knows the struggle. Fortunately the Speedo Angel anti fog pack comes with an alcohol wipe to de-gunge your visor surface. Next step, figure out where you want the insert to sit. Using the template, it’s easily stuck and re-stuck on the outside of your visor till you’re  happy; definitely worth putting your helmet on to check.

Then comes the tricky bit – after a final wipe over with the dust removal sticker and the polishing cloth, I peeled the backing sheet away from the visor insert to reveal the sticky ‘perimeter’. If you’re clumsy, get someone to hold your visor. Align to the template, let the glue to do its thing and voila, a fog free visor.

When you wear your helmet for the first time, you’ll notice a translucent rim of glue around your peripheral vision and it can be a distraction when you are checking your blind spot. However it doesn’t take long to adjust and it’s significantly cheaper than other brands. I huffed and puffed as much as I could to properly test it in extremely wet weather… and my visor stayed clear. Job done!

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