Ls2 Valiant Ll Review

LS2 Valiant ll – Gripper – Matt Titanium

Helmets, nowadays, are not only used as a piece of safety equipment but are also used to make a statement. However, not every helmet is made the same, each one of them has its own unique attributes that set it apart from others. The same can be said for the brands that manufacture this crucial piece of safety equipment. LS2 is a renowned name in the motorbike industry that has been serving customers with quality products for over 30 years. The Valiant ll helmet is one of their flagship helmets that is a much-improved version of LS2 Valiant that in addition to safety also provides excellent versatility.

• Standout feature:
The standout feature of the Valiant ll modular helmet is its 180-degree flip which allows it to essentially become a fully open face helmet. This allows it to go well with classic motorbikes, choppers, and cruisers since open-faced helmets are designed to be used with such motorbikes. Moreover, it allows you to breathe in fresh air more comfortably and provides a better line of visibility when converted into its open face mode. As obvious, you can then turn it into a full-face helmet when you need to. Its secure system holds the flip mechanism firmly into the place which eliminates any chance of it failing in case of an accident.

• Safety:
Safety is an utmost concern when it comes to helmets and thankfully, the Valiant ll excels in that segment as it holds both the ECE and DOT safety certifications under its belt. The construction process incorporates two separate shells into a single shell that provides better impact protection and adds to its quality feel. Its unique oval interior evenly distributes the force of crash across the helmet, hence keeping your head safe from the sudden shock. The Valiant ll utilizes a ratcheting pin strap that firmly holds the helmet around your head even in case of a severe jerk.

Ls2 Valiant Ll Review

• Features:
The helmet has all the modern features you expect from a contemporary modular helmet, but most importantly it has shrunken off a considerable amount of weight when compared to the Valiant-l edition which allows you to enjoy longer rides without any neck pain. Vents at three separate locations allow for an efficient airflow across critical points that is especially helpful in hot and humid weather. Moreover, the sound insulation has been improved significantly partly due to extra padding attached to its bottom. Despite, the twin visor system, the Valiant-ll is surprisingly smooth throughout its side profile and has no bulging mechanisms which help in improving the overall aerodynamics.

Ls2 Valiant Ll Review• Visors:
Both the visors in this helmet are built with the revolutionary space-age polymer that has a high resistance to impact and offers maximum distortion, its UV-resistant technology protects you from harmful rays coming at you from the sun. The mechanism for the internal sun visor is conveniently located on the bottom left-hand side that is easy to operate and does not require you to take your hand off the throttle. Last but not least, the shield is easily removable by the trigger system attached to it that only takes a minute at most to complete the whole procedure.

• Verdict:
Overall, the LS2 Valiant ll is an excellent modular helmet that is packed full of features and safety tech that one expects from a quality helmet.

It is competitively priced which further makes it an exciting option for a variety of motorbike users.

The versatility it offers also makes it one of the best-selling helmets in its class to this date.

Love the little touches, like not only does it come with a LS2 logoed cover it comes with a very useful fitted backpack.

Also a big fan the Gripper graphics which is one featured in photos

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Ls2 Valiant Ll Review

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