Make Your Bike Gleam With All-new R&g Cleaning And Lubrication RangeThe world leader in damage protection products for motorcycles, R&G, is further expanding its product range with the all-new R&G “Gleam” collection. Joining the already-announced Nano Coating Spray and Corrosion Shield is a host of cleaning and lubricating products, specifically designed to make cleaning and caring for bikes easier than ever.

Following the launch of its Corrosion Shield last year, Hampshire-based R&G is excited to unveil its full R&G “Gleam” collection of products. This new range has been developed to help make cleaning and maintaining even easier and it contains everything required to keep bikes in the very best condition possible. Alongside the new range, R&G has also produced an attractive new display stand for its many dealers, allowing them to clearly showcase the entire range to customers.

The all-new Gleam collection consists of:
Motorcycle Degreaser
Effectively removes built-up grime and is safe to use on metal, plastic and rubber.
Disc Brake Cleaner
Improves overall braking performance and prolongs the life of brake discs and pads.
Silicone Shine
Gives the motorcycle that factory finish and leaves a deep, grime-resistant shine.
Helmet Fresh
Eradicates nasty odours and leaves crash helmets smelling clean and fresh!
Nano Bike Wash
This special biodegradable formula will quickly and efficiently remove all dirt and grime, without damaging the machine!
Waterless Bike Wash
Quickly clean light contaminants from bikes, with a streak-free, non-sticky, waterless wash.
Anti-fog Solution
Keep vision clear with the R&G Gleam Anti-fog solution, protecting visors and goggles from fogging up.
Helmet & Visor Cleaner
Quickly remove dirt and contaminants from crash helmets with the specially-formulated, pH-neutral and biodegradable cleaning solution.
Everyday Chain Lube
Protect drive chains over long distances and in any weather with this specially-created formula, designed to penetrate deep into the chain links.  Suitable for both on- and off-road machines.
Chain Cleaner
To quickly remove contaminants from the final drive chain, breaking down the toughest grime.
Dry Chain Lube
The ultimate protection against dry and dusty conditions, R&G Gleam Chain Lube is wax-based and will not attract dirt or grime.
Wet Chain Lube
This super-sticky formula penetrates deep into the chain and offers ultimate lubrication, no matter how wet the ride!
R&G Managing Director Simon Hughes added “We are really excited to be unveiling our full R&G Gleam range. Since we launched our Nano Coating Spray and Corrosion Shield products, customers have constantly asked when we will offer other cleaning solutions and we are now pleased to be able to provide motorcyclists with a truly comprehensive package, giving them everything needed to ensure their machine is not only gleaming, but is able to operate as efficiently as possible.”

For more information on the full range of R&G products and dealer opportunities, please contact Alan Garrett, UK Sales Manager, on 01420 89007 / [email protected] or your R&G Sales Agent.

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