Meet Your New Reliable Trip-mate SizzappSIZZAPP is a smart security solution designed by bikers for bikers. With SIZZAPP, you can be sure that your motorcycle is safe, as well as receive additional features that will make your driving experience even more exciting.

Statistics relieve the unpleasant truth that motorcycle thefts are seven times more likely to happen than any other road vehicle theft. According to British Motorcyclist Foundation, a  motorcycle gets stolen every 19 minutes in the UK annually. Unfortunately, it continues to grow not only in the UK but all around the world. Haven’t we all been worried to come back to an empty spot after we have parked our bike in an unknown place?

Therefore, SIZZAPP is designed to keep your motorcycle safe. SIZZAPP is a monitoring device that is attached to your motorcycle accumulator, that connects to your mobile device. 

Your reliable trip-mate
Through the SIZZAPP application, you are always connected to your motorcycle even when you are not near it. SIZZAPP becomes your reliable trip-mate by sending you notifications to your phone. SIZZAPP users are alerted regarding any issue about their “iron horse” anywhere and anytime.

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Install it yourself 
Imagine making a toast. It probably takes you about 25 seconds to do that. SIZZAPP devices can be installed under 25 seconds in 3 simple steps. You don’t need a handbook to make a toast and you can do it by yourself, to install a SIZZAPP device is almost like making a toast.

If you cant see the video above you can view it on Youtube here

As simple as that, you are ready to use your SIZZAPP device! Install SIZZAPP on any vehicle that works in the voltage range from 10V to 30V. Therefore, it is a great security solution not just for motorcycles but also for cars, boats, jet skies, quadro cycles, and more.

Smart Alarm system
SIZZAPP takes care of your bike and notifies you in case of any unwanted actions. Have you ever wondered what happens to your motorcycle once you are not near it? Wonder no more with SIZZAPP you get, notified if someone sits on your bike, drops, or tilts it. With the Tow detection feature, you get notified once someone is trying to steal your motorcycle. Set the Geo Zones and get notified once your vehicle leaves your set range radius. SIZZAPP will also let you know about your motorcycle’s battery condition, so on those rainy days you cannot take your bike out, you will know if you need to go and check on your best friend and give the energy it needs.

On the road
Going on a road trip with your friends is one of the perks of being a motorcycle owner. Discovering hidden gems in the suburbs or going to a further ride to a foreign country can be very exciting. Nowadays with the fast-moving traffic, it’s so easy to lose your friends on the flat Earth as they say. Trying to reach your friends while they are driving can be challenging and stressful, so you end up going on circles looking for your other mates. However, SIZZAPP got you covered! Now with the My Rides feature, you can create groups, add friends, and plan trips together. With SIZZAPP you just need to take out your mobile phone and locate your friends in a few seconds. Therefore, you always stay connected with your friends and be sure that there will not be any more unnecessary calls or stops. Traveling together has never been this easy! 

Additional features
Sometimes adventures turn out to be every driver’s worst nightmare. However, with SIZZAPP feature crash detection, you can set up friends, wives, girlfriends, mothers, or the best mate’s phone number. In the worst-case scenario, they will get notified of your location and the crash event that has happened. Giving you the valuable help you need. Besides, SIZZAPP will track the routes you have made, monitor the speed and your driving style based on acceleration, harsh turning, and braking, so you can share it with your friends as well.

All of that in your pocket in one easy to install device connected to your phone. Even more, SIZZAPP comes without a contract, no login, no extra costs for a lifetime subscription.

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