Mondialmoto Unleash A Road-going 200bhp V5 SuperbikeMondialMoto ( are preparing to unleash a revolutionary V5 superbike which has been under development for 10 years. The 200bhp superbike will be assembled in Italy next year and they plan to unveil the powerful machine at the Milan Motorcycle Show in November 2019.
MondialMoto have developed the awe-inspiring V5 engine and are working on the prototype chassis for the 200bhp road bike. A loan from the Italian government has been secured for when the machine goes into production.
“Only one other manufacturer has produced a V5,” says Antonio Matarollo, Director of MondialMoto. “It dominated MotoGP for five years but it never went into production. We will be the first to put a V5 on the road.”


• 1000cc 75.5 degree V5
• Two models: S and R
• 200bhp @13,250rpm
• 179kg (estimated)

The V5 stunner will have a carbon fibre chassis and a valve train made of titanium, enabling the bike to rev to over 13,000rpm for long periods of time. At full chat, it will suck enough air into its cylinders to drain a bathtub in half-a-second.
There are two models S and R expected to be priced  €27.995 and €35.995 respectively.
Further specifications of each model have been published below:
The first production bikes can currently be reserved for €10.000 and €15.000 respectively.
MondialMoto are excited to announce a “MondialMoto Experience” visit to the factory. The Experience includes a factory tour, a meal in the company restaurant and a photo opportunity of a lifetime seated on the very first V5 superbike produced.  Tickets for these future visit can now be purchased online priced at €150.
In addition, MondialMoto have launched a crowdfunding opportunity for investors to help us raise the finance required for the production of these new bikes.
MondialMoto are offering 2,000 Mini-Bonds priced at €500 on a 4-Year term fixed at 20% interest (€100 per unit) when it matures. The company also have additional incentives for the purchase of 5 or more units.