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Motorcycle Aftercare KitDiamondbrite’s Motorcycle Aftercare Kit contains everything needed to keep a bike in showroom condition this season; taking both the guesswork and hard work out of motorcycle care.

Experts in automotive protection, cleaning and detailing since 1992, Diamondbrite have put their experience into a motorcycle-specific range to clean, sanitise, refresh, protect and polish key areas of the bike and riding kit.

Each product in the handy kit has been rigorously tested at Diamondbrite’s UK R&D centre and meticulously blended and bottled within the company’s UK manufacturing hub; so they make light work of removing grease, road grime, bug splat and other contaminants, and are gentle on the often sensitive surfaces found on modern machines.

The Motorcycle Aftercare Kit contains the following items:

  • A Degreaser, which safely strips built-up oil and grease from a multitude of bike parts including chain and sprocket.
  • A high foaming, biodegradable Bike Wash, that’s tough on dirt yet safe to use on almost all motorcycle surfaces and materials.
  • Pro Preserve, which shares technology with aviation-grade materials to shield plastic and painted surfaces from contaminants.
  • A Chrome & Metal Polish, formulated to clean, restore and shine a multitude of metal surfaces.
  • Diamondbrite’s handy Waterless Detailer, which can clean a lightly-soiled motorcycle quickly and to a high-shine standard without using any water.
  • And Kit Fresh, which is a highly effective anti-bacterial sanitiser developed specifically for use on motorcycle kit including helmets, boots, gloves and clothing interiors.

The Diamondbrite Motorcycle Aftercare Kit is supplied in a handy carry bag, and retails at just £39.95 including VAT.

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Biker T-shirtsClick here for more info on Vitesse T-Shirts UK

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