Motorcycles have always been a popular transport in the UK. Of course, they are popular elsewhere true, but Brits have always been fond of the two-wheeled beasts. Maybe it’s because bikes for many people signify freedom and individually which have been shared and cherished as values in the British society for centuries.

Some people like to ride bikes just for fun, others use them as a means of transport, but some are professionals who participate in races and competitions. Nowadays betting on motorsports is very popular among online betting fans and many like to place wagers on the Moto GP Championship and other major races.

Plenty of Motorcycles in the UK

In 2016, there were over 1.25 million motorcycles in use in all of UK. The number is gradually growing and we can perhaps expect it to reach over 1.30 million next year. Many people are against motorcycles and argue that they are dangerous and unsafe, but statistics and findings tend to disagree with them.

For starters, bike riders tend to be more careful than car drivers, they tend to be less assumptive and more attentive and prone to details. The stakes are much higher for motorcyclists and that’s why they bring their A game and stay focused throughout their journey, regardless whether they’re driving on a motorway or around town.

Environmental and Cost Benefits

There are plenty of reasons why motorcycles should definitely be ruled out as a mode of transport. Firstly, motorcycles save you money. Maintenance and services costs far less and there are fewer parts that can break down. Furthermore, bike insurance is cheaper than car insurance, at least in most cases. Another factor that contributes to saving is the fact that bikes burn a lot less petrol.

The lower consumption also means that bikes are a lot safer for the environment. Smaller bikes can ride as much as 60 kilometres with a litre of petrol, whereas cars can’t drive more than 20 in most cases. And even if you buy a powerful superbike it’ll still consume less petrol than a family car. Plus, bikes have a higher fuel efficiency and even if they use the same amount of fuel they’ll still pollute less.

Other Benefits

Parking is a major problem especially in crowded large metropolises and it can be pretty expensive too. With a motorcycle, you will hardly ever have a problem to find a free parking space, no matter where you live, even if that’s the busiest and most congested neighbourhood.

Furthermore, it is a lot easier to get rid of a bike if you no longer want it, or if you’re intending on buying a new one. Old motorcycles lose a lot less of their value compared to cars. This may seem irrelevant, but it is a lot easier to keep your motorcycle clean and tidy compared to a car, you can do it yourself, there’ll be no need to take it to a car wash. Finally, it is much easier to get through traffic jams on a bike.