Motul Mc Care – External CareEvery part of the motorcycle requires specific care.

Created in 2011, MOTUL MC Care comprises 11 key cleaning products to keep the bike looking squeaky clean from handlebar to footrest leaving no part behind.

The includes solutions for washing and waxing, removing scratches and restoring leather and paint to their best.

Easy to use, MC Care is a great compliment to workshops and makes a showroom finish easier than ever.

E1 Wash & Wax 400ml SRP: £10.49

E2 Moto Wash 1 SRP: £9.99

E3 Wheel Clean 400ml SRP: £7.99

E4 Perfect Seat 250ml SRP: £8.99

E5 Shine & Go 400ml SRP: £9.49

E6 Chrome & Alu Polish 100ml SRP: £7.99

E7 Insect Remover 400ml SRP: £5.99

E8 Scratch Remover 100g SRP: £5.49

E9 Wash & Wax Spray 400ml SRP: £9.99

E10 Shine & Go Spray 400ml SRP: £9.49

E11 Matte Surface Clean 400ml SRP: £9.99

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