MT-09 – a full step in the exhaust system tuning process

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Mt-09 – A Full Step In The Exhaust System Tuning ProcessYamaha’s engineers have worked intensely to tune the system and give a racing sound that creates an enjoyable and comfortable aural experience outside the motorcycle, producing a head-turning “wow factor” for those passing by.

Newly designed stainless steel header pipes each have a different curvature to create an excellent pulse effect. With tail pipes exiting on both the left and right sides, the rider feels the intoxicating roar in full ‘stereo’ mode.
As engine speed increases the intake sound becomes more dominant and heightens the feeling of acceleration felt by the rider. The new intake system is specifically designed to further enhance the MT-09’s torque-rich riding sensation.

Mt-09 – A Full Step In The Exhaust System Tuning Process
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Biker T-shirts UK

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