Mudsling Neatens R Ninet Rear EndBMW R nineT owners can protect their bike from dirt and debris thrown up by the rear wheel with the MachineArt MudSling®.

MachineArt’s MudSling ® protects the R nineT’s rear suspension, underseat electronics modules and Paralever unit from water spray, mud, stones and other debris thrown up by the rear tyre.

Injection moulded in tough polypropylene, to match the R nineT’s other plastic surfaces, the MudSling measures 215mm wide and 406mm long – significantly larger than the nineT’s standard guard – providing an impressive 877 sq cm of coverage.

The design also helps prevent crud being thrown onto the rider’s legs, and keeps the whole underseat area cleaner.

It’s precision cut to fit the R nineT’s frame perfectly and requires no drilling, cutting or modification to mount. It can also be fitted to bikes with lowered suspension.

The R nineT MudSling is available from MachineArt’s exclusive European distributor priced £129 including VAT. It also fits the Scrambler, Racer, Pure and Urban GS variants.