New 2019 Niken Gt To Expand The Sport Touring SegmentOpening the Roads of Life to every rider
Yamaha has always been committed to creating innovative and exciting designs that give the best possible choice. More than anything, motorcycling is about freedom, and Yamaha’s goal is to make bikes that are ready to take motorcyclists to new places and make lasting memories on the Roads of Life.
With the addition of the NIKEN to the Sport Touring segment, Yamaha now has very distinctive and clearly defined model groups within this category – namely the NIKEN, Tracer and FJR1300 models. This diversity puts the company in the unique position of being able to offer the ultimate selection of 3-wheel and 2-wheel motorcycles that can satisfy every customer’s need.
Yamaha is totally dedicated to making Sport Touring motorcycles more accessible to everyone with a 2019 line up that is wider than ever before. From the very affordable Tracer 700 and new Tracer 700GT, right through to the exclusive high end NIKEN GT, Yamaha has the power to open the Roads of Life to every rider.
NIKEN: Ultimate corner carving experience
In 2018 the launch of the radical NIKEN 3-wheel motorcycle brought a whole new riding experience to the motorcycle world.
Equipped with innovative Leaning Multi-Wheel technology and dual tube upside down forks, the NIKEN is built to deliver the most amazing corner carving experience together with higher rider confidence in all conditions. With a larger contact patch between the tyres and the road surface, the two leaning front wheels give increased levels of front end grip that is particularly noticeable during cornering and braking, and it is this unique and dynamic characteristic of the NIKEN that makes it feel and handle like no other motorcycle.
Feedback from the public who have participated in the 2018 NIKEN Demo Tours across Europe has confirmed that this ground-breaking motorcycle is already winning over many motorcyclists who – quite understandably – initially viewed the whole 3-wheel concept with a degree of caution.
Those riders who have had a chance to evaluate this high specification 3-wheel Sport Tourer confirm its remarkable ability to corner with increased confidence even in adverse weather conditions, with many potential customers confirming that the NIKEN’s handling has genuinely brought a new dimension to the Sport Touring segment.
The key to understanding the attraction of NIKEN is to ride it, and with the model now arriving at Yamaha dealers, those who have been unable to attend the European NIKEN Demo Tour can discover the unique 3-wheel riding experience for themselves.
When it comes to new or unfamiliar technology, many people – including motorcyclists – can often resist change and stick to what they know. But the NIKEN has shown that riding is believing, and with its proven ability to deliver the most exciting corner carving experience, this unique motorcycle is introducing a new era in Sport Touring design.
New NIKEN GT: Turns have no seasons
The NIKEN’s 3-wheel concept has won over the vast majority of riders who have taken the time to open their minds and try something new. Designed to master adverse conditions, the NIKEN is ideally suited to all-weather, 4-season riding on the most challenging mountain roads.
Fitted with a range of special equipment, the new NIKEN GT brings added functionality to the 3-wheel concept by offering increased long distance touring capabilities together with elevated levels of rider and passenger comfort.
The NIKEN GT’s higher screen gives greater upper body protection from the wind and weather, and the specially designed comfort seat enhances the sport touring experience for both the rider and passenger. Premium quality 25-litre ABS semi-soft side cases are light, compact and easy to handle – and for added convenience the rear of the carrier base features integrated passenger grips.
Heated grips ensure riding comfort in all weather conditions and keep the rider informed of the warmth level on the instrument panel – and there’s also an extra 12-V outlet to power or charge various devices. The GT model also comes fitted with a main stand that facilitates convenient parking as well as routine chain maintenance and tyre inspections on longer trips.
With its innovative 3-wheel design and radically styled bodywork, the NIKEN is always going to be the centre of attention wherever it travels – and for added exclusivity the new NIKEN GT is offered in two new model-specific colours – Nimbus Grey with black front forks, and Phantom Blue with gold front forks.
NIKEN GT Exclusive Features
• All-weather 4-season long distance Sport Tourer
• High screen
• Comfort seat
• Heated grips
• Semi-soft 25-litre ABS side cases
• Rear carrier base with passenger grip
• Main stand
• Second 12-V DC outlet
• Dedicated GT body colours and front fork finishes
NIKEN GT and NIKEN Key Features
• Most innovative design in the Sport Touring class
• Unrivalled corner carving experience
• Feelings of front end grip, confidence and braking on all surfaces
• Radical, bold and unique 3-wheel design
• Advanced leaning multi-wheel technology
• Deep lean angle, maximum 45 degrees
• Ackerman steering, double upside down front forks
• Fully adjustable rear suspension
• 847cc, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC CP3 engine
• TCS, QSS, A&S clutch, D-MODE, Cruise Control
• Hybrid steel and aluminium frame
The NIKEN GT will be available at Yamaha dealers starting in January 2019. Please contact your national Yamaha press officer for more detailed information and the local retail price.
NIKEN GT Nimbus Grey with black front forks
Phantom Blue with gold front forks
NIKEN Graphite with blue front forks
Tracer 700GT: Turn up your journey
On top of the successful Tracer 700, Yamaha introduced the new Tracer 700GT for 2019 at Intermot 2018, the German motorcycle show.
Equipped with a high touring screen, ergonomic seating and colour-matched 20-litre side cases, this new Sport Touring model offers greater wind protection together with increased touring comfort and improved functionality. With its higher standard specification, the Tracer 700GT builds on the strengths of the sporty and agile Tracer 700.
Offering enhanced touring potential, this new addition to Yamaha’s successful Tracer range is one of the most versatile models in the class. Available in Phantom Blue, as well as Tech Black and a Nimbus Grey colour option that includes a red secondary colour.
Tracer 700
Powered by Yamaha’s highly-acclaimed 689cc, inline, 2-cylinder engine that produces strong, linear torque for pure riding enjoyment, the versatile Tracer 700 opens up the Sport Touring world to everybody. Offered in a new Nimbus Grey colour option that includes a contrasting red secondary colour, the Tracer 700 also comes in Tech Black and Phantom Blue.
Tracer 900GT  
Aimed at riders looking for a premium Sport Tourer, the high specification Tracer 900GT’s special equipment includes fully-adjustable suspension and gold-coloured forks, as well as hard luggage, full colour TFT instruments and sophisticated electronic control systems. The 2019 Tracer 900GT is available in a new Nimbus Grey colour scheme featuring a contrasting red secondary colour – and is also offered in Midnight Black and Phantom Blue.
Tracer 900
The Tracer 900 is a remarkable motorcycle with a sporting heart and touring soul that delivers outstanding performance combined with all round versatility. For 2019 this best-selling model is available in a new Nimbus Grey colour scheme featuring a contrasting red secondary colour. Tech Black continues as the second colour option.
With the proven ability to cover long distances, the FJR1300A/AE/AS models are aimed at experienced riders who appreciate performance and comfort, as well as refined engineering. Available with electronic suspension (AE model) as well as clutchless gear shifting (AS model), the FJR1300 models continue to be available in Tech Graphite and also Phantom Blue for 2019.
Yamaha Genuine Accessories and Apparel
Every Sport Touring customer can create their own personalized Yamaha with a range of functional, stylistic and performance accessories from the Genuine Accessories line. Using the free MyGarage app, anyone can now build their dream Yamaha online in 3D, and then send the saved file to their Yamaha dealer who will turn it into reality.
There’s also a great selection of casual clothing and riding gear available from the Yamaha dealer network to suit adults and kids. Visit for more information.