New British Brand Zapp Unveils High Performance Fully Electric I300 ScooterZapp, a new scooter manufacturer headquartered in the UK, has today unveiled the i300. A fully electric, high-performance scooter designed to lead the urban transport revolution, the i300 aims to make commuting more fun, stylish and sustainable.

The new Zapp i300 is powered by a pair of cutting-edge, lightweight lithium-ion batteries and a maintenance-free air-cooled interior permanent magnet electric motor. The i300’s 14kW motor produces 587Nm of torque at the rear wheel, which combined with a lightweight construction of 90kg, means a 0-30mph time of less than 2.4 seconds

The easy-to-transport batteries enable owners to charge by simply removing the battery and plugging it into any household socket. Convenience and practicality is maximised, while range anxiety is now a thing of the past.

To give users extra range on the go, the new Zapp i300 includes rider-selectable ‘regenerative braking’, which returns energy when the rider shuts the throttle. Using the regenerative braking system as the primary means to slow down in heavy traffic not only increases the longevity of the scooter’s brakes, but also reduce another pollution element – particulates.

A 140/60 ultra low-profile nitrogen-filled rear tyre ensures an effective deployment of the available torque from standstill. Front brakes feature a cross-drilled vented full-floating disc, four-piston calliper and ABS to provide commensurate stopping power. Both progressive-rate gas-filled upside-down front forks with a rear coilover pushrod and mono rear swing arm suspension inspired by superbikes ensure a safe and engaging ride.

The Zapp i300 can be configured to match any taste or style. Individuality is encouraged during the build process of every scooter, with a generous pallet of colours, comprehensive suite of carbon fibre components, different seating options and other useful storage and sporting accessories.

Swin Chatsuwan, Zapp Chief Executive said: “With air quality in cities worsening and our roads becoming increasingly congested, the world needs new alternatives to urban transport. With its revolutionary design, thrilling performance, and clean power source, we believe the i300 is the urban mobility solution people have been looking for.

“There are already electric scooters out there, so we only ever intended to bring something highly innovative and hugely desirable to the market. There is nothing like the Zapp i300, either from a design or functionality and practicality perspective. We are very proud of what we have created and think commuters will like it as well.”

The Zapp i300 is available to pre-order from 31 October at


The first electric scooter of its kind

Zapp was founded by a team of devoted motorcycle enthusiasts who are backed with vast experience in the automotive sector. With their expertise, the i300 scooter is engineered with radical, sports bike-like design. This sporty, clean and technologically-advanced design ethos fulfils the scooter’s performance potential, with the bold styling true to the finely tuned, fast accelerating 14kW electric motor.

The i300 is unlike any other scooter. As Zapp stakes its claim as the UK’s first manufacturer of an electric scooter, the i300 sets out to determine how a specially-designed electric two-wheeler should look. The electric motor is stowed away neatly within the structure of the bike, doing away with the body shell under the seat. Instead – and forming part of the distinctive ‘Z’-shaped curve – the under-seat area is hollow, for a striking side-on view. The rear swing arm gives an impression of floating, with no bodywork around it, only fitted with a 10-spoke 14” rear alloy wheel lined with a nitrogen-filled 140/60 ultra low-profile tyre.

Revolutionary, sports bike-like engineering

Underneath the stylish exterior that befits the i300’s high-performance attributes, the scooter is configured with the underpinnings of a machine associated with the highest ranks of motorsport. Featuring design cues from the world of professional motorcycle racing, the i300 belies its standing as a scooter. The chassis comprises an aluminium exoskeleton over a chrome-moly underbone to form an ultra-lightweight pairing. Upside down front forks, four piston brake callipers, fully floating drilled and vented disc brakes with steel braided pipework, a single-sided swing arm, quick steering geometry, and wide wheels all suggest high-performance with no expense spared. These technologies and features have been adopted at the highest level of professional racing and on the best road-going superbikes, but are revolutionary on a scooter.

The lightweight bi-metallic aerospace-grade chassis reduces the mass of the scooter to 90kg, giving characterful, responsive and sporty handling while enabling the i300 to travel further on a single battery charge. The long swing arm and corresponding wheelbase not only creates a purposeful presence, but is necessary to provide the handling and characteristics capable of harnessing the bike’s 587Nm of torque. Meanwhile, the 63.5° steering head angle and 80° turning angle allows the scooter to effortlessly negotiate urban traffic.

Made for performance

The sports bike theme continues around the i300 with gas-filled progressive rate upside-down forks akin to those found on a superbike. Unlike any other scooter before, the i300’s inverted front suspension boosts ride rigidity and stability; a crucial handling element in order to facilitate the bike’s unprecedented performance. The forks are hidden behind the small interchangeable front fender, making the i300 the first scooter ever to be aerodynamically tested and optimised. The rear suspension also falls in line with the bike’s performance characteristics; the pushrod progressive-rate gas-filled rear coil-over shock absorber and spring ensures a safe and comfortable yet sporty ride.

The i300 also features ABS brakes (front wheel only, by design), installed to provide stopping power that matches the bike’s incredible acceleration. A 220mm drilled and vented fully floating front disc is mated to a four-piston brake calliper as the power brake, balanced with a 190mm drilled and vented fully floating disc with a one-piston calliper at the rear. Regenerative engine braking also increases the longevity of the scooter’s brake discs and pads.


Class-leading motor technology

The Zapp i300 is the first electric road going vehicle of any kind to feature an air-cooled interior permanent magnet motor. Taking permanent magnet motors used by electric supercars to the next generation attests to the inherent high-quality, sporting nature of the i300.

Unlike conventional AC induction motors currently used in the majority of electric scooters, the Zapp i300’s British-made interior permanent magnet motor does not have rotor windings. Instead, it uses magnets located inside the rotor to turn it at the same speed as the magnetic field.

An interior permanent magnet motor provides significant efficiency savings over a conventional AC induction motor. It also offers greater reliability and is more compact than conventional motors, despite producing 14kW.

Revolutionary battery configuration

To ensure that the Zapp i300 offers unrivalled levels of efficiency, performance and usability, its battery technology is truly revolutionary. The 48V high energy density lithium-ion battery is uniquely designed and packaged to aid cooling and reliability.

The battery pack measures just 33x21x5cm, making it the thinnest in the market. It weighs less than 5kg and can be easily removed, carried, and charged using a conventional 240V. The Zapp i300 is offered with two battery packs as standard, to ensure the rider always has ample charge, while additional packs can also be ordered at purchase. As standard, the Zapp i300 has a range of 35 miles[1], with a full charge taking less than three hours.

Exceptional performance

The Zapp i300’s bespoke powertrain coupled with a range of battery selection modes – ECO, POWER and Zapp – makes it the perfect companion for dealing with urban traffic. The instant 587Nm torque at the rear wheel delivered by the interior permanent magnet motor makes the i300 the best accelerating electric scooter on the market, going from 0-30mph in less than 2.4 seconds. This ensures the rider can comfortably beat the traffic and go on to a limited top speed of 60mph.


Stand out from the crowd

Zapp has placed a strong emphasis on customer individuality; at launch, the scooter can be ordered in six different colours. A wide range of personalisation options include custom grip and seat colours, diamond cut wheels, carbon fibre elements, accessory frames, carrier boxes and footpegs. There truly is an i300 to accommodate any style preference, budget and rider experience.

To ensure complete peace of mind, the Zapp i300 is offered with a seven-layer security system, while a dashcam and GPS tracking are available as options.

Stress-free ownership

To make buying and owning a Zapp i300 as effortless as possible, the company has revolutionised the scooter sales and maintenance model.

Available to buy direct from the Zapp website, the i300 will be delivered to the customer’s home by its dedicated specialists, called ‘Zappers’.

While the Zapp i300 is a dry-state electric vehicle that requires no fluid service, Zappers will also come to the customer’s home to perform an annual inspection as well as any repairs or upgrades.

Customers can pre-order the Zapp i300 from 31 October, with orders secured by a £500 deposit. The first 1,000 pre-orders will be delivered in Launch Edition, which includes a complimentary upgrade to diamond cut wheels, special graphics and a limited edition x/1000 plate. First deliveries are expected to be made in early Q2 2019.

The Zapp i300 has a starting on-the-road price of £5,250 prior to the UK government’s Plug-in Motorcycle Grant. From launch, Zapp will also have a market-leading finance solution in place, which will deliver bikes to new owners from as little as £19 per week.[2]

About Zapp

Made by enthusiasts

Zapp is run by a team of highly-regarded professionals, both on the executive management board and from within its investor community. Furthermore, its key players are keen motorcycle enthusiasts, with a good insight into the core attributes necessary to make Zapp a success. The CEO and founder of Zapp, Swin Chatsuwan, is a passionate motorcyclist and serial owner of some the world’s greatest performance bikes. It is with this passion and understanding of the two-wheeled sector that Swin brings a clear vision to Zapp – to make the i300 the finest electric scooter of its kind, finished to the highest standards, and appealing to the broadest market.

Swin’s background in investment banking and extensive experience of enabling automotive and other industrial manufacturing solutions, gives Zapp a robust financial platform and the kind of exceptional professional insight that is necessary to be successful.

Zapp’s commercial priorities will focus on the UK and the EU, with the rest-of-the-world to follow.

From the outset, Zapp has engaged a team of experienced designers and engineers to consult on all critical areas of the i300’s design and build. The Zapp team has the resources and industry relationships to make the i300 a success without being burdened by existing prejudices about electric scooters in the industry.

Zapp raised funds earlier this year through the Enterprise Investment Scheme. Zapp has an expectation for first year sales of 2,000 units across Europe, increasing to around 40,000 units in five years, taking into account the growing market for electric scooters, a diversified product range and entering new markets.


Torque587Nm (at rear wheel)
Range35 miles (estimated)
0-30mph2.4 secs
Top speed60mph
BATTERYDual Gen-2 high-energy density lithium-ion
Width968mm (handlebars)
Front3.5×14 10 spoke alloy / 110/70-14
Rear4.5×14 10 spoke alloy / 140/60-14
Front220mm drilled vented fully floating disc with four piston calliper, with ABS and regenerative battery charging
Rear190mm drilled vented fully floating disc with one piston calliper


[1] Range estimation based on computational performance modelling

[2] Subject to status and other conditions

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