New Ducati E-shop now online

New Ducati E-shop now online 1

  • Integrated with the other company platforms, Ducati e-commerce 2.0 will serve 34 countries in 5 languages
  • Catalogue range now widened with the introduction of official technical apparel
  • The platform will provide a linear, user-friendly purchase experience to each of the 7 million visitors per year expected by 2021

The new Ducati E-shop, co-developed with Alkemy, a company specialising in the innovation of small-to-large company business models, is now available at

The new platform – which, as of today, also allows the purchase of official technical apparel – provides new digital services and a dedicated range to ensure each customer enjoys a straightforward, user-friendly purchase experience.

“A platform consistent with brand values and in step with digitisation: its appealing look and feel merges smoothly with the digital properties of Ducati and offers a responsive, user-friendly, mobile-first, multi-language design. We’re aware that today’s consumer is ‘all-channel’ and influenced by a variety of touch points, both physical and digital. That’s why the new E-Shop offers purchase opportunities which merge on-line and off-line (dealer network) purchases to ensure increased visitor flow to dealers and conversion of the fan base”, stated Luca Battiloro, Ducati’s Commercial After Sales Director.

Following strategic analysis conducted in co-design mode, the outcome is an eCommerce operation that, starting from a redefinition of the ‘customer journey’ experienced by Ducati enthusiasts, has given rise to a universally integrated, constantly evolving platform: a tool capable of creating a tailor-made e-shopping experience modulated on the user’s characteristics.

“The biggest challenge was to make the most of the new eCommerce platform within the extremely diversified Ducati world and integrate it with already well-established all-channel assets. This means we can offer Ducatisti an interaction with the brand that is consistent with the way they experience their passion for all things Ducati and, of course, their geographical distribution”, commented Matteo Bellomo, eCommerce VP of Alkemy.

This new platform constitutes a further step along the digitalisation route and an expansion of the Ducati market, enhancing the on-line purchase process and the digital-based brand experience.

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