New Magura Hc3 Master Cylinder With Hard Core TechnologyDeveloped for racing and high performance road bikes, the new HC3 Master Cylinder features Magura’s patented Hard Core Technology (HCT), which reduces internal friction and improves brake performance and feel.

Not only can HC3 be used with most hydraulic motorcycle braking systems, it is also compatible with ABS systems: a slotted piston and stationary primary piston seal provide faster pressure balance in the event of ‘ABS kickback’.

The 90° full-radial design, where the push-rod and cylinder sit at a right angle to the handlebar, gives more direct feeling for improved control and feedback. Meanwhile the three-way adjustable lever ratio mimics the effect of using a piston size 1mm below or above the selected hydraulic ratio; simply remove and reposition the lever support bolt for a softer or harder pressure point.

The lever blade folds in the event of an accident, reducing the risk of damage to the master cylinder and increasing the possibility of being able to operate the brake normally after a fall.

Advanced X-Ring technology prevents the introduction of air through secondary seal ingress, which is a common problem on racing motorcycles.

Supplied with an external reservoir and mounting bracket – both clamp and bolts are titanium, for reduced weight – the HC3 it takes up minimum space on the bars. There is a smoked glass window to allow instant checking of fluid level and condition.

Available in 12, 15 and 18mm variants, the HC3 comes with a pre-installed switch for brake and clutch activation and is priced at £589.92 (Including VAT).

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