New Online Tool Makes It Easy To Find The Right Brake Pad Compound

Find the right brake pad compound

New selection tool from SBS makes it easy to find the best match between bike and riders braking preferences

Some riders prefer more stopping power than others, some ride in dry conditions, others in wet conditions. It can be hard to find the perfect match of brake pad compound as it really is a combination of rider’s preferences, bike model and use of bike.

SBS has now made an online tool that makes it easy to find the best brake pad compound that will not only fit the right bike model, but will also match the riders braking preferences and riding style. You just need to answer 2-3 questions, and you will get the best fit right away.

After finding the right compound, you might want to use the SBS model look-up widget to find the right size of brake pad for exactly your bike model.

Both tools are available for free at

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