New Triple Bubble Screens From SkidmarxSkidmarx now offer a triple bubble screen to the public. Originally developed in 2008 for use on race bikes at the Isle of Man TT, where riders need a taller screen for enhanced wind protection over a longer distance, until now triple bubbles have only been available for racing.

Based on the British company’s proven double bubble design, the triple bubble inserts an extra tier, that not only increases the height of the screen but also brings it further back. This is an ideal set up for road going sports bike riders who prefer a more upright riding position, particularly those using bar risers, as the triple bubble significantly increases the air pocket behind the screen, reducing the need to ‘tuck in’ for wind protection at high speed.

Skidmarx produce triple bubble screens to order in their Wessex factory, using 3mm acrylic sheet for road bikes and 2mm thickness for racing machines. All screens are supplied pre-drilled so that they fit directly back onto the original mountings using existing fixings.

Prices start at £79.95 including VAT and triple bubble screens are available in clear, light and dark tints. To discuss requirements customers should either call Skidmarx on O13O5 78O8O8 or visit for more information