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New Yard Built Xr9 Carbona By Bottpower

Radical new body kit for Yamaha XSR900.

The philosophy behind Yamaha’s Yard Built programme is to show what is possible when the custom industry’s most creative minds are let loose on a standard production bike. In the last few years we’ve seen some incredible two-wheeled masterpieces emerge from workshops all over Europe, and the new XR9 Carbona by Bottpower is surely one of the most radical Yamaha Yard Built specials ever seen.

Compact, aggressive and light, the XR9 Carbona is designed to deliver a high level of performance on those twisty and challenging open roads that get every rider’s adrenaline flowing. The story began in 2017 when Bottpower specials won two of the categories at the iconic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado, USA – one of the world’s oldest and most famous races run over a treacherous 19.99 km road course with 156 turns and an elevation gain of 1,440 metres.

“The XR9 Carbona is inspired by our Pikes Peak victories. With its strong torque and compact chassis, we realised that the CP3-powered Yamaha XSR900 was the ideal base for this dynamic new Yard Built special,” commented Bottpower manager David Sánchez. “Firstly our goal was to create a cool and fast bike with a modern and aggressive look – and we also wanted to be able to develop a ‘plug and play’ kit that would enable any Yamaha XSR900 or CP3 Platform owner to transform their bike into the XR9.”

“Using our extensive experience with composites and 3D printing, we introduced Yamaha R-series elements like the hidden round headlights to create the feeling of a race bike with a numberplate,” explains Bottpower’s senior designer Hugo van Waaijen. “The XR9 Carbona features a lot of optical mass around the engine meaning a stubby front and short rear – and when looking from the ¾ front view it reminded us of a Pitbull with strong muscular shoulders (the fuel tank) and a hunched look which creates a powerful stance.”

While many of Yamaha’s Yard Built bikes are ‘one-off’ specials aimed at inspiring owners to create their own unique motorcycle, the Bottpower Carbona XR9 kit will fit straight on to any existing XSR900 or CP3 Platform without the need for modifications to the frame.

The XR9 Carbona kit includes a fuel tank cover with integrated carbon fibre air intakes, carbon fibre seat & tail including alcantara saddle, tail & signal lights, front number plate, with integrated LED position lights, radiator covers with winglets, high/low beam headlights, licence plate holder, sprocket cover and belly pan.

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New Yard Built Xr9 Carbona By Bottpower

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