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Nexx 2021 Collection 02

In the year that celebrates its 20th anniversary NEXX bets strongly in the launch of new models, with X.VILIBY the new urban Jet as the headliner.

The CEO of NEXX Helmets, Helder Loureiro describes this Collection:

“We are convinced that individual mobility is entering an exciting period. The NEXX 2021 Collection is totally focused on the individual universe, the lifestyle of certain types of motorcyclists and the natural connection of our senses. In the year of our 20th anniversary, we are looking not only at the past, but above all, for the future. The new X-PRO Carbon technology brings significant advances, opening up new and fantastic possibilities that will allow us to offer our users a safer and more emotional riding experience. The constant process of looking for better solutions is in our DNA – and that is how we intend to mold the next 20 years.” 

Nexx 2021 Collection 01


With an undisputed notoriety in the “Adventure” segment, NEXX, in its new 2021 Collection, almost recalls that contact with nature has never been more necessary.

Among the novelties in this segment, the long-awaited X.WED2 VAAL version in carbon fiber stands out – undoubtedly an upgrade to one of the best and most complete Dual Sport helmets on the market – from which NEXX now removes a significant amount weight and adds even more features – a real invitation to explore! In the X.VILIJORD range, the modular adventure, the highlights go to the new white color in the LIGHT NOMAD version in carbon fiber as well as the new HI-VIZ (high visibility) models with the typical Neon Yellow, designed to make the rider, as visible as possible during the day and which will also be available in the X.VILITUR range.

Aggressive lines, colors and designs – this is how you can characterize the many novelties also in the SPORT segment, from the new X.WST2 Carbon Zero 2 to X.WST2 Rockcity, a more youthful and bold graphic. Note for the new X.R2 REDLINE special that counts with a distinguished metal insert directly on the carbon shell with its serial number. Still in the SPORT segment, but in a more affordable price range, there is new SX.100R whose launch had already been anticipated by the brand right after the lockdown and which appears now with new graphics and color options.

With a prestigious heritage, NEXX has also completely renewed its line of original classic line of helmets X.GARAGE. Altogether, there are 14 new models, available in various colors and graphics, and with uncompromised safety, guaranteed by NEXX’s expertise in carbon fiber and multi-composite fiber stratification.

Nexx 2021 Collection 03

Last but not least, the big news – the X.VILIBY. Developed from the innovative design of X.VILITUR – X.VILIBY is the new jet version, designed for urban, daily trips, as well as for longer trips. One of its greatest features is the “SILENT CITY SEAL” – a special rubber around the contour of the visor, developed to improve sound insulation and reduce vibrations in the visor. X.VILIBY is available in 3 shell sizes, for greater safety and comfort, and brings with it a long list of features, including the advanced X-COM 2 intercom Bluetooth system.

The new NEXX Helmets 2021 collection is now available in stores. And for 2021, the year in which it marks 20 years, the brand promises not to stop here!

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