Piaggio And Vespa Retailers Partner With Tracker Network UkPiaggio & C. S.p.A. (Piaggio Group) and Vespa retailers across the UK have joined forces with TRACKER Network UK, the UK’s leading stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) experts, to provide free TRACKER devices with all brand-new Vespa GTS 300, Piaggio Beverly 300 and Beverly 350 scooters purchased from authorised Piaggio and Vespa dealerships between 1st August and 31st October 2018.

Customers who buy a new Vespa GTS 300, Piaggio Beverly 300 and Beverly 350 between 1st August and 31st October 2018 will get their new scooter equipped with one of TRACKER’s industry-leading SVR units for free and will also receive their first year’s subscription to TRACKER’s monitoring service completely free of charge.

Piaggio Group is also pleased to announce that it is working with Lexham Insurance to support this promotion and customers will receive a 10% discount for fitting and activating TRACKER Monitor. This discount is irrespective of postcode area and will be applied upon confirmation that the vehicle is equipped with one of TRACKER’s devices. Terms and conditions will apply.

By working in conjunction with TRACKER, Piaggio Group customers will benefit from the peace of mind that comes with its proven VHF technology. In combination with traditional security precautions, TRACKER contributes significantly to a robust defence against theft and ensures a greater chance of recovery should an owner become the victim of unscrupulous criminal activity. TRACKER’s unique smart technology allows a signal to be transmitted, received and tracked regardless of location.

Mark Knight, Country Manager of Piaggio Limited agent of Piaggio & C. S.p.A., said: “Following the increase in theft and violence involving powered two-wheelers in several UK cities, plus the increase in insurance costs, we have been looking at security products that offer greater peace of mind to motorcycle and scooter owners while helping to reduce insurance costs.

“Piaggio Group settled on TRACKER’s industry-leading product because of the unique technology it employs in its successful tracking and recovering of stolen vehicles. The choice of supplier was paramount for us and TRACKER provides the most up-to-date technology in the marketplace, along with excellent support from installation to customer satisfaction.

“We’re aiming to provide a product and service that reduces our customers’ insurance costs with Lexham, our insurance partner, while offering an additional layer of customer security protection.”

Greig Hilton, Managing Director at TRACKER, added: “Although analysis of our recovery data confirms that London and Greater London remain the hot spots for two-wheeler thieves, opportunist criminals can and do strike anywhere and everywhere across the UK. It’s essential that Vespa and Piaggio owners recognise the importance of good security measures, which will not only project their pride and joy but the financial and emotional loss that comes as a result of theft.

“Our award winning SVR solutions won’t stop a scooter from being stolen, but will significantly increase the chances of police quickly locating and returning that vehicle to the owner, before it’s dismantled and sold on for parts, or sold and shipped abroad. Unlike any other SVR devices, our unique VHF technology can’t be blocked by GPS/GSM signal jammers and crucially, it can locate vehicles hidden anywhere, from the back the of a van to an underground car park or shipping container. We are delighted to be partnering with Piaggio and Lexham. Together we are playing a vital role in helping police close the net on two-wheeler thieves.”

Tony Campbell, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, said: “Following the announcement of the ‘MCIA Secured’ Motorcycle & Scooter Rating Scheme, it is great to see Piaggio reacting so quickly. The industry is very much aware of the constant threat of motorcycle & scooter theft, and the crime which is being committed using these products. The industry accepts it has a role to play in combating this crime as it not only affects the market, it causes harm to our riders and the manufacturers’ customers. With the rising costs of insurance and harm caused, the UK motorcycle industry along with the riders and authorities must now work together to reduce and eventually make bike theft a thing of the past. I congratulate Piaggio on this initiative which I am sure will not only contribute to reassuring their customers but will send out a clear message to criminals to keep their hands off.”         


  • Established for 25 years
  • Uses award winning patented long-range VHF technology – the signal is extremely difficult to jam and can clearly transmit even if a bike is put in a van, shipping container, lockup or underground car park
  • TRACKER has a unique relationship with UK police – who prefer VHF technology and equip their cars with TRACKER equipment
  • 96% recovery rate
  • 80% of recoveries occurring within 24 hours
  • £527 million worth of vehicles recovered in 2017
  • All products Thatcham approved