Foggy street with nobody in the suburb

Long dark nights present new opportunities for bike thieves, with thefts spiking in the winter months. Piaggio & C. S.p.A. (Piaggio Group) and Vespa authorised retailers across the UK, are helping buyers of the new Vespa GTS 300, Piaggio Beverly 300 and Beverly bike protect their purchase with access to vehicle tracking units from the UK’s leading stolen vehicle recovery expert (SVR), Tracker.

By partnering with Tracker, Piaggio Group customers will benefit from the peace of mind that comes with its proven VHF technology. In combination with traditional security precautions, Tracker contributes significantly to a robust defence against theft and ensures a greater chance of recovery should an owner become the victim of unscrupulous criminal activity.

A Piaggio customer in Esher, Surrey, recently learned first-hand of how effective the Tracker device is when his Piaggio Beverley 300 was stolen from his driveway one evening. It was only when he received an alert from Tracker that he realised his bike, worth nearly £5,000 was missing.

Commenting on the theft, the customer said: “I received a text from Tracker to alert me to some unusual movement of my Piaggio bike, which I thought was on my driveway. I opened the curtain only to discover that it was gone. I immediately called the police and Tracker and within one hour my bike was located half a mile away from my house. Although some of the modifications and accessories had been stolen from the bike, I was able to take it home with me that night. If I hadn’t had a Tracker device fitted, there is no doubt that I would never have seen the bike again.”

Clive Wain, Head of Police Liaison at Tracker, comments: “Unfortunately, bike theft escalates in autumn and winter, which means owners need to be extra vigilant. Our partnership with Piaggio and Vespa means new owners benefit from Tracker’s stolen vehicle recovery systems. A tracking device won’t stop a scooter from being stolen, but it significantly increases the chances of police finding and recovering it.”

Tracker’s unique smart technology allows a signal to be transmitted, received and tracked regardless of location.