Piaggio Medley 125 New Shad Luggage Fitting KitsSpanish motorcycle and scooter luggage experts SHAD, have produced a new fitting system for the brand new Piaggio Medley scooter, allowing riders to fit a smart and useful top case, simply, securely and safely.

The SHAD Top Master fitting allows the secure mounting of a top case onto your scooter. It is a fitting specifically designed for each model, taking into account its features and the SHAD VOMD16ST is the one designed specifically for the new 2016 Piaggio Medley 125. The result is a high quality product, comfortable, safe, and easy to assemble and disassemble.
(To mount the top case onto the bike it is necessary to add this kit to the plate included in the SHAD case.)

The SHAD range is only distributed in the UK by the official UK distributor, Motorcycle Parts Network who offer an exclusive 2 year UK backed guarantee on Shad products.

The SHAD Top Master fitting has a recommended retail price of just £30.00 and of course once fitted it opens up the wonderful world of SHAD luggage for the rider, with a wide range of top boxes and other useful items to suit everyone from commuters to adventurers, weekend travellers, and occasional too!

Order today at: www.motorcyclepartsnetwork.co.uk

For further information and details of your nearest official stockist please visit www.shad.co.uk or call 01908 214413.