Piaggio ‘tune-up’ Their ScootersMusic fans can turn their scooters into a mobile sound system, with a unique new accessory from Piaggio.

Piaggio’s Sound System (PSS) turns the body parts of the scooter into a loud speaker, allowing riders to listen to their favourite songs without having to install messy and complicated wiring or lose storage space to speakers.

The unique system consists of a Digital Amplifier, powered by the scooter’s battery; a Bluetooth receiver, which picks up the music from the user’s smartphone; and two ‘Exciters’, which turn the plastic body panels into a soundboard.

It is possible to pump out more than 100Db with the system.

PSS is fully controlled from the user’s smartphone. To start playing, simply synchronise the ‘phone with the PSS once and it will automatically connect every time the ignition is switched on.

PSS is currently available for the 2014 Piaggio Mp3, and the 2013/14 Vespa 946. A complete system costs £413.98, including a model-specific installation kit.

For further information contact your nearest Piaggio dealer, via the dealer locator at www.piaggio-scooters.co.uk/uk