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Pirelli Introduce ‘scx’ Slick Tyre For 14th Year Of Bsb RacingPirelli introduce ‘SCX’ Slick (Super Soft) tyre for 14th year of Bennetts British Superbike Championship Sole Tyre Supply.

Pirelli enter their fourteenth season as Sole Tyre Supplier to the Bennetts British Superbike (BSB) Championship with the addition of the DIABLO™ Superbike Slick SCX (Super Soft) tyre to rider’s available options

Introduced into the WSBK paddock in 2019, the BSB series debut of the SCX tyre follows last season’s change to Pirelli’s larger size tyres.

Each BSB event will be now a triple header with a ‘Sprint’ race on Saturday after qualifying, ahead of two standard length Superbike races on Sunday. The new SCX tyre is likely to feature heavily during Saturday qualifying and the shorter ‘Sprint’ outing providing ultimate performance over the shortened distance races.

SCX also comes into its own when track temperatures are higher and on smoother asphalt, allowing teams to develop a chassis setting aimed at exploiting the increased grip levels provided by the SCX option.

Superbike riders will have the choice of the new SCX tyre and the almost universally used (in BSB2020) SC0 Soft rear tyre. After inclement weather at the early BSB tests, riders were able to evaluate the qualities of the new tyre at the most recent Donington test which was held in warm temperatures. Rear tyre sizes as introduced last year are 200/65R17, with a larger diameter for increased grip as riders exit a corner.

At the ‘front end’, riders can choose from the SC1 and SC2 (harder) option tyres with the SC2 giving a more stable feeling as a rider transitions into a corner (drops in). The front tyres were also increased in size last season to give a wider contact patch from a 120 to 125 section (now 125/70 17).

In the event of rain, there are two RAIN tyres in a soft or harder compound and the Diablo WET (Intermediate) tyre, which was used to good effect by Jonathan Rea at the recently held Aragon round of the World Superbikes Championship.

The Pirelli presence in the paddock has also changed as new logistics partner Protyre Motorsport will be bringing 4,000 tyres to each of the eleven events to service the Superbike, Supersport, Superstock, Junior Superstock, Junior Supersport and Ducati Tri-Options classes.

Jason Griffiths Pirelli UK Racing Manager explained, “Pirelli are ready for what will certainly be a very busy season with a compact race calendar. The introduction to the series of the SCX rear tyre will provide added interest in terms of tyre strategy. The high track temperatures at the recent Donington Park test allowed the teams and riders to evaluate the new tyre over race distance and it is clear that given suitable track temperatures and less aggressive asphalt the SCX option can be used for the full length races, as we have seen in World Superbikes. BSB continues to provide an incredibly competitive grid and we’re ready for the racing to begin.”



  • 125/70 R17 SC1 (SOFTER):

This is the softest solution available for the front. This compound was developed to provide high grip, performance and riding precision with a versatility of use.

  • 125/70 R17 SC2 (HARDER)

This new medium solution is sturdier and quicker in direction changes, gives more support, good grip, maximum lean angle and better absorption of any bumps on the track.


  • 200/65 R17 SCX (SUPER SOFT)

This solution, which uses an extremely soft compound, designed to sit between the performance of a qualifying compound and that of a soft racing tyre.

  • 200/65 R17 SC0 (SOFT)

This option was the tyre of choice for the 2020 BSB series. It offers consistency for long races and also delivers maximum performance across a wide operating temperature range.



There are two RAIN rear tyres which were first utilised in BSB in 2019 (now in size 200/60) with different groove angles in the grip area, which allow a more consistent wear across the tyre and greater tread stability. Revised shoulder grooves improve water dispersion and improve grip when leaning and traction coming out of corners. Two compounds are available:

  • SCR1: compound intended for use in cooler conditions (asphalt temperatures lower than 15°C) or particularly smooth asphalt. This tyre gives the greater grip level.
  • SCR2: compound dedicated to higher track temperatures (asphalt temperatures higher than 15°C) or particularly aggressive asphalt. This should be the most used solution if the track is starting to dry out.

As previously an ‘intermediate’ tyre is available for the tricky damp / drying track which features less grooves than the ‘full’ RAIN tyre. Developed in 190/60 R17 sizing for the rear.

A regular total dry tyre usage limit applies for the race weekend (free practice, qualifying practice, warm up and races). 8 Rear (dry) tyres and 8 Front (dry) tyres. Riders graduating to Qualifying 2, (the top six) from Qualifying 1 are authorised to use one extra set of tyres (1 dry front and 1 dry rear). In Qualifying 1 and Qualifying 2 all riders may use a maximum of one set of tyres (1 front and 1 rear) in each session. This will be indicated by a “Q” sticker on each tyre used.

The all new (for 2019), third generation, PIRELLI DIABLO™ Supercorsa SC V3 has been completely redesigned in terms of structure, profiles, tread pattern and compounds to give a more consistent performance.

These tyres are available for the following classes: Quattro British Supersport 600 & 300, Pirelli National Superstock 1000 & 600 plus the Ducati TriOptions Cup.

The DIABLO™ Supercorsa range of road legal tyres are the ultimate in Pirelli’s customer range of treaded tyres for racing and track day use. The ‘SP’ version of these tyres are used by sports bike owners the world over for everyday road and trackday usage.

2021 Bennetts British Superbike Championship dates

(each event features three ‘BSB’ races)

June 25-27 – Oulton Park
July 9-11 – Knockhill
July 23-25 – Brands Hatch GP
July 30-Aug 1 – Thruxton
Aug 13-15  – Donington Park National
Aug 20-22 – Cadwell Park
Sept 3-5 – Snetterton 300
Sept 10-12 – Silverstone National
Sept 24-26 – Oulton Park
Oct 1-3 – Donington Park GP
Oct 15-17 – Brands Hatch GP

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Pirelli Introduce ‘scx’ Slick Tyre For 14th Year Of Bsb Racing

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