Putoline N Tech® Special Pro Racing 5w 50 01The Putoline Oil brand is this year celebrating its 50th anniversary. Putoline was conceived specifically and purely for the motorised two-wheel segment and in keeping with its origins and tradition of innovative products and packaging, it now launches the Special Pro Racing+ 5W-50 in 1 litre bottles into its mainstream range.

The latest race proven technology is now available for every motorcycle ride in small 1 litre packs.

Putoline’s N-TECH SPR+ 5W-50 is the ultimate racing product for the most extreme conditions, developed in collaboration with Ten Kate Racing. Gebben Van Venrooy Racing (MXGP) and our partners Bas Dakar Racing Team and Husqvarna-SKS Racing Team have also made valuable contributions to the successful development phase.

Now, due to its success, a 1 litre bottle of Putoline N-TECH® SPR+ 5W-50 has been added to our range in addition to the 20 litre Bag-in-Box.

N-TECH® SPR+ 5W-50 is a race-proven, fully synthetic racing 4-stroke motorcycle oil. The product based on an advanced mix of the best base oils available on the market in combination with our revolutionary N-TECH® additive system, improves power and minimizes wear. SAE 5W-50 has a higher viscosity, therefore a higher resistance to fuel dilution, and is specially developed for extreme conditions such as track action and race starts. It combines maximum reliability with optimal wet clutch performance, increasing clutch grip and power.

Launched last year, Putoline’s N-TECH® additive package is built on its pioneering research and development and exploits their specially developed in house new additive package formula and all the latest properties and opportunities that its use of API group 5 fully synthetic base oils has given them.

The N-TECH® product range sits at the top of the Putoline range, with N-TECH® SPR+ as its top product, followed closely by the N-TECH® Pro R+, which is available in various viscosities in both road and off-road versions. These are suitable for most “conceivable and diverse conditions from year-round use to extreme competition”.

The SPR+ 5W-50 is available as a 20 litre Bag-in-Box and now also in 1 litre bottles.

For more information on Putoline visit putoline.com/en/

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