Qooder, At Eicma The Largest Offer Of Electric Scooters In The WorldTuesday 5 November, at 9, 20 minutes, 15 seconds, with the typical Swiss precision, Qooder will present the largest range of electric scooters in the world at EICMA 2019 (Fiera Milano-Rho, Hall 11 – stand E 47). Three battery-powered models, two of which are new, are part of the broader “Advanced Mobility Solutions” strategy, which includes the simultaneous launch of four other models, for a total of seven new features.

The anticipated battery-powered scooters are the eQooder four-wheeler, the three-wheeler QVe and Oxygen, with monthly instalments ranging from 50 to 450 euros (and a total price range from 4 to 20 thousand euros). We are talking about an absolute novelty in the entire panorama of the industry: these are the most powerful electric vehicles in their category: 60 Hp for eQooder and 46 Hp for QVe with record torque points (110 and 106 Nm respectively). Not to mention the enormous work done on the weight since there is little difference between thermal and battery models on the scale: just 5% more for eQooder and 3% for QVe, but the engine power is practically double. Reverse gear and regenerative braking debut on both models, while in terms of range, eQooder scores 150 km and QVe 110.

The squadron of other innovations includes the debut of the “second act” of the Qooder model, the off-road version of xQooder, the new QV3 and Nuvion.

In short, a clean break from the past, in the form of many initiatives, starting from the product. And for the first time in almost 10 years, the Swiss company has changed its skin, with a revised style, a range of electric scooters and two new product lines, Xqooder and Nuvion.

“The company – explains Paolo Gagliardo, CEO of the Swiss company – is ready to define new mobility horizons while maintaining the goal of designing, engineering and creating products of excellence in the global technology landscape. This is the basic strategy behind this maxi product offer”.

An offer that is the deepest expression of an innovative concept of urban and suburban mobility and that is part of the basic strategy of the Swiss company that aims to facilitate travel through the development of advanced solutions aimed at exciting, overcoming the stress caused by daily commuting and ensuring stability and comfort on the road. This is also why Qooder has announced its international landing in the US, ASIA and UAE markets with its flagship vehicles, capable of attracting a sophisticated and at the same time innovative audience. In short, a revolution that deserves further study, model by model.





The second act for Qooder, the world’s only 4-wheeler that combines the best of the world of cars with that of motorcycles: the Swiss company’s flagship. Its characteristics include the dual-rear-wheel drive with mechanical differential and an all-wheel braking system on 4 wheels. The new Qooder features the innovative electronic hydro-pneumatic suspension system eHTS™ -Electronic Hydraulic Tilting System- that allows a simultaneous tilt of all wheels while maintaining perfect adherence to the road. Thanks to the new electronic version, during stops or parking, the tilting system can be blocked by a simple electronic button, at any leaning angle, as long as the scooter is stationary.

From a design point of view, the entire style of the front and rear is a new feature, with technical and qualitative improvements. In short, much more than just a simple makeover. The fact that it can be driven with a car license remains the outstanding feature.




eQooder is the first and only vehicle in the world with four tilting wheels and zero-emission, powerful and sporty. eQooder an autonomy of up to 150 km, with recharging of the batteries in less than 6 hours (which can be connected to any standard 220V power outlet), with reverse gear and regenerative braking. The vehicle features a powerful 45 kW engine with a 110 Nm torque. It is also equipped with the eHTS -Electronic Hydraulic Tilting System- and the Californian motor technology of Zero Motorcycles, a company specialized in the 2-wheel electric vehicle industry for over twelve years. eQooder is ideal for city-centre travel and daily commuting, with the possibility of choosing between 3 driving modes: Eco, Sport and customizable. It also features a 5.6-inch LCD screen and LED headlights. On the eQooder there are all the aesthetic innovations of the new Qooder range and, just like its thermal brother, you can drive it with a car license.




After the “prototype” version debut at the last EICMA, the xQooder is presented in the standard version. It guarantees the same level of stability as a traditional Qooder but, at the same time, enhances its fun features, in a more “extreme” version, optimal for off-road. A design that revises the ergonomics of the vehicle specifically enduro with off-road steel guards: motorcycle-riding position, with saddle, handlebars and footrest that allow you to adapt the ergonomic triangle according to the type of driving. The front has a protective line to accommodate the eHTS™ -Electronic Hydraulic Tilting System- with Multi-road technology, present on the front and rear. The system ensures better performance on typical dirt tracks. The back has a high tail that gives the vehicle lightness and dynamism. Note the tank moved from the rear to the centre, for greater stability, even in standing driving.




The same numerous changes in style incorporated in the Qooder, offering the classic family feeling, have been also placed on the 3-wheeled new QV3.With a renewed design, it is the lightest among its competitors and has a low centre of gravity for smoother driving. The new QV3 is unique on the market, it is equipped with the largest wheels in its class – 14″ and 15″ wheels – with a full braking system on 3 wheels and features an under-seat compartment that can comfortably accommodate two helmets. This vehicle is also equipped with the newly revised eHTS™ -Electronic Hydraulic Tilting System-.




New to this edition of EICMA, the Qve, the only 3-wheeled electric tilting vehicle in the world market, created from the same Californian Zero Motorcycles technology as the eQooder, combined with the architecture of the Swiss product. Qve has a 110 km range and can be connected to any 220V power outlet. It has a powerful 34 kW engine with 106 Nm torque, a reverse gear, regenerative braking and the eHTS™ -Electronic Hydraulic Tilting System-.




Also debuting is the Nuvion, the lightweight and compact 3-wheeler that you can drive with a car license. Nuvion has an extremely compact size and weight, just consider that the power-to-weight ratio is at the same level as the “best-in-class” 2-wheeled scooters.  This small 3-wheeler makes compactness and fluidity its best qualities. It has a very low and very spacious saddle, well suited for women and smaller people, and can comfortably hold two helmets.  It has a 29 Hp 300cc engine, dual Led headlights, both front and back, and two 4.3-inch LCD displays, side by side, in the classic position. Again, the suspensions are electronic, with the new eHTS™ -Electronic Hydraulic Tilting System- version.




Lastly on display at EICMA 2019 is the electric Oxygen. The vehicle is very light, weighing only 93 kg, including batteries, and has an 80 km range, equipped with a 4-inch LCD display and featuring combined double-disk braking. Characterized by a particularly bright range of colours, the newborn Oxygen comes with 2 removable “swap” batteries with fast charging in less than 6 hours, which can be connected in the garage, home or at work. The zero-emission vehicle has free access to restricted traffic areas, historic centres and islands.

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