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Revit Delta H2o Shoes 02Do you want to change your game up? Have you been waiting for a riding shoe that can both serve as the perfect accent to the right outfit, or stand out from the crowd on its own legs and style…no matter the weather? Look no further, wait no longer, the Delta H2O is the motorcycle sneaker you’ve been seeking!

This hydratex®-equipped waterproof shoe is engineered by using our years of experience and the best-looking denim. It is also harmoniously executed with industry-leading abrasion resistance, mated with the clean profile and classic aesthetic to match any number of styles and outfits. Ride confident and look confident knowing you can handle anything Mother Nature and a night in the city can throw your way


  • hydratex®|Sphere waterproofing
  • Sneakers you can ride in the rain with!
  • OrthoLite® insole for optimal comfort
  • Reflection at heel for better visibility

RRP £139,99

Meet the Delta H2O shoes, made for motorcycle-loving sneakerheads who don’t accept rain as an excuse not to ride. Disguised to look and feel like your everyday footwear, the Delta H2O is a full-on, CE-certified motorcycle product that not only offers protection against the road in case of any misfortune, but also against the elements thanks to an incorporated waterproof and breathable hydratex® membrane. Thermoformed heel and toe cups combined with injected ankle cups form the protective backbone of these shoes. They are then combined with the OrthoLite® insole to ensure comfort on and off the bike. Rain or shine.

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Biker T-shirtsClick here for more info on Vitesse T-Shirts UK

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