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Ride Like Royalty With WunderlichBMW F900 riders can positively pamper their pillion – and themselves – with the new Wunderlich Queen Seat.

The luxury starts with an extra 40mm of width compared to the standard F900 R and XR pillion perch, distributing body weight over a larger surface area to help reduce pressure points.

Progressive two-layer inner foam construction – a soft upper layer and a firmer core – relieves pressure on the coccyx and optimizes weight distribution.

Ergonomic 3-D contouring encourages a natural positioning of the pelvis and legs, for a much improved sitting position for both rider and passenger.

Combined with the non-slip cover material and Alcantara tucks, the contouring also reduces sliding back and forth during braking and acceleration.

An airflow channel running along the centre of the rider’s section reduces overheating and the build-up of perspiration on warmer days. The seat cover is also perspiration-resistant.

Quality guaranteed, the Queen Seat is made in Germany. All cover joins are bonded and taped on modern PFAFF hot air welding machines for 100% tightness. The high-strength RoburC base shell is formed from Wunderlich’s own mould, for a perfect fit. Contrasting stitching and beading in key areas complements the F900 R and XR’s sporting looks.

Wunderlich’s ‘Queen’ Comfort Seat fits both the BMW F900 R and XR and retails at £459- including VAT.

It’s available from Wunderlich’s exclusive UK distributor

Ride Like Royalty With WunderlichKey features:

  • +40mm seat width for the pillion compared to standard seat
  • Ergonomic 3-D contour to support the natural pelvis and leg posture
  • Contouring for rider and pillion for better grip when braking
  • Progressive two-layer construction for coccyx relief and optimized weight distribution
  • Airflow channel reduces overheating
  • Sweat-resistant, non-slip cover material, combined with Alcantara tucks

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