As with many sports, this season of MotoGP has been very different. The paddock and grandstands at each race of been almost deserted thanks to the restrictions on people attending in person. This may have had an adverse effect on the atmosphere as far as fans are concerned but the drivers have been as dedicated and focused as ever.

This focus has brought significant rewards for many drivers following the early departure of favourite Marc Marquez due to a broken arm. The loss of Marquez was bad news for fans of the rider and those who made the most of MotoGP betting to back him. However, it has certainly provided an opportunity for drivers like Alex Rins who have delivered some top-rate performance across the season.

A competitive season despite the loss of the favourite
Rins recently spoke about not giving up on the title despite being 37 points behind leader Joan Mir. Given the highly competitive nature of the season, this is not surprising. Technically, six riders could still achieve overall victory. Although, Mir only needs to achieve one podium in the last two races to triumph. This is not stopping Rins from believing in his chances.

Along with riders like Quartararo, Binder, and Morbidelli he has produced some excellent performances during what has been a very different season. So, he is definitely not about to concede defeat yet.

Rins not deterred by a second-place finish at European Grand Prix
Of course, Rins was disappointed by finishing second to his teammate Mir at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Cheste, Valencia, in the European Grand Prix. Even more disappointing was that he led for 16 of the first 17 laps. However, on lap 17, he knocked down to first gear instead of second and went wide at turn 11. It was at this point that he lost the lead to Mir who managed to keep him at bay for the rest of the race.

Rins admits that the result makes it mathematically difficult for him to win the championship but that does not mean he is giving up. He was happy with many things about his performance in Valencia and pleased to achieve a fourth podium place in the last five races.  He is definitely prepared to give Suzuki teammate Mirs a run for his money in the final two races.

Whatever happens, both riders have had an impressive season. They have helped to keep the excitement of MotoGP going in these unusual times. Suzuki has told both Rins and Mirs that there must be no ugly fighting on the track as the championship nears its conclusion. However, there have been no other specific instructions. With this in mind, Rins is in no mood to back down. He will continue bringing his A game, and riding to be champion until it’s mathematically impossible for him to gain the ultimate accolade. This will happen if Mirs gets a podium in either of the two remaining races.