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Rocking The Road – Bmw R 18 ConceptConjuring a bobber out of the R 18 was the goal for the Wunderlich engineers and the designer Nicolas Petit from the start. Meet the RockBob.

The inspiration came from the BMW R5, which undoubtedly contributed to the creation of the R 18, and is expressed in Nicolas Petit‘s design: portraying the essentials to the extreme. In doing so, he has emphasised the sheer importance of details from start to finish. One example is the brilliant tail end. The fender nestles like a second skin with minimal distance around the 200 size rear wheel, allowing the numberplate holder to be elegantly placed on the left side. The miniaturised 3in1 taillights are so cleverly concealed that one must thoroughly investigate the bike to spot them.

Everything at a Glance

RockBob Individual Customizing
Paint and Surface Treatment

  • High quality matte black painted and finished engine
  • Numerous chrome parts finished to a high standard and painted matte black
  • Series manifold and exhaust system from the BMW R 18 Classic with black heat-resistant ceramic coating
  • Tank finished in high-quality matte black and tone-on-tone, with gloss double-lining of parallel wide and narrow pin stripes
  • Custom Wunderlich front and rear fenders made of high grade aluminum, matte black finish with gloss double lining, matching the tank design and finish
  • Wunderlich‘s custom numberplate holder relocates it to the left side and allows space for the clean tail end. The RockBob perfectly integrates with the rear fender and the miniaturised, low-profile 3in1 tail lights.
  • Custom riser for the handlebar (Ø 32 mm)
  • Wunderlich engine plate with raised Wunderlich lettering


  • Classic upholstery: sprung saddle covered with selected cognac-colored leather – partially diamond stitched; the tanning allows the emergence of a dual patina
  • Leather-covered handlebar grips, designed and coloured to match the sprung saddle

Suspension and Wheels

  • Wheelset: rims, hubs, and spokes finished in black
  • Rear-wheel spoked to 6.00×16 with 200/60-16 tyre (standard 180 rear wheel), front 3.50×16 with 130/90-16 tyre

Wunderlich Components

  • Numerous components from the Wunderlich range are integrated into the RockBob: this includes the fenders, lateral license plate ho
  • lder, turn signals, handlebar end mirrors, adjustable clutch and brake levers, and much more. Wunderlich will soon add the sprung saddle to inventory for the R 18 series and supplement it with a black variant made of imitation leather.

Street legal

  • Wunderlich‘s conversion of the RockBob concept bike has been carried out – as always – to be street legal. This means that if the installed components are not already exempt from registration, they have German Type approval or can be registered through further assessment.
Wunderlich accessories for the BMW R 18 are available from their exclusive UK partner

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Rocking The Road – Bmw R 18 Concept

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