Rst Tractech Evo Lll Short Waterproof BootWe get to try on the RST Tractech EVO lll Short Waterproof boot with many thanks to RST Moto head to the official RST website for more info.

RST’s new Tractech EVO lll Short waterproof boots take the effectiveness and convenience of a rider’s boots to a next level and here we will discuss various aspects of these boots.

The RST Tractech EVO lll Short waterproof boots are very capable and provide excellent protection at a highly competitive price point. These boots are essentially a shorter version of Tractech EVO lll boot and are made specifically for those people who are uncomfortable with longer boots but also don’t want to compromise much on the safety aspect. Further, these boots are aesthetically attractive and provide higher-priced boots a good run for the money. You can verify this by taking a look at the high quality of materials used at various crucial points.Rst Tractech Evo Lll Short Waterproof Boot

The main & visible difference between this waterproof version and the non-waterproof version is the perforations on the outer side and the SinAqua waterproof membrane stitched on the inside that dispels water vapors and the water. Since this is a smaller version of EVO lll the protection on the back end and the ankles is a bit shorter. The boots are firmly closed by Velcro tips and a sturdy zip that is enclosed within a leather strip. The leather cover works as a shield and protects the zip in case of an impact.Rst Tractech Evo Lll Short Waterproof Boot Review

The new RST waterproof boots are well cushioned both on the bottom and the sidelines. The sidelines are padded with breathable mesh that further adds to the overall comfort. The boots are comfortable enough for walking and using on longer journeys. The added comfort does not in any way compromise the safety of the rider, in fact, it has been further improved. The enlarged toe box, double-stitched leather, and flexible padding on the sidelines provide enhanced abrasion protection all the while providing the comfort you don’t even expect from a boot that is priced such competitively.Rst Tractech Evo Lll Short Waterproof Boot Review


  • This is my first time with a short boot they fit nicely with either textile or leather trousers and I am sold on them.
  • While initially hard to get on (like all new leather will wear in) as I have dodgy ankle the fit is good and the waterproofing.
  • The RST Tractech EVO lll Short waterproof boots provide excellent value to money to anyone looking for a good quality boot that protects from both the water and impacts.
  • The waterproofing on these boots is strong and long enough to protect against the wet particularly helpful with weather in the U.K.
  • So, if you are looking for motorcycle boots that have all the above-mentioned qualities then look no further than the RST Tractech EVO lll Short waterproof boot.

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