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A sports car project born at Autosport International 2012 and unveiled at January’s 2013 show, the Sin R1 will be in the spotlight again at Autosport International 2014 on 9-12 January, with the launch of the road-going, £60,000 supercar.

A joint venture between British company Pro Formance Metals and Sin Car GmbH in Germany, the Sin R1 race car broke cover at Europe’s largest dedicated motorsport trade show earlier this year, 12 months after the parties met for the first time at Birmingham’s NEC.

Following strong interest in the race car, which made its debut in the UK’s GT Cup in August, a road-going version has been developed. Featuring an FIA-homologated spaceframe chassis, powered by a 500bhp Chevrolet V8 engine and weighing 1,200kg, the value-packed supercar is set to enter a limited production run in 2014.

Developed through the motorsport programme, the Sin R1 road car has a six-speed transmission, 19-inch wheels, and 362mm disc brakes and a Formula One-style fuel tank from fellow Autosport International exhibitors AP Racing and M.E.RIN Safety Fuel respectively.

“A lot’s happened since we started discussing the project at Autosport International 2012, initially as a one-off vehicle. If you told us where we’d be almost two years later, starting from a blank piece of paper, I wouldn’t have believed you,” said Pro Formance Metals Director, Phil Matts.

“We received a great reception when we unveiled the prototype race car in January, which has led to the development of the road-going version. Having both cars side-by-side at the 2014 show, ready for the open market, will be a very proud moment.”

Three weeks out, over 500 companies such as Pro Formance Metals have booked their place as Autosport International 2014 exhibitors.

Over £1 billion worth of new business in the motorsport and high-performance engineering industries was generated at the 2013 show, eclipsing the previous record by £200 million. The trade audience of 28,000 motorsport professionals included 5,000 overseas visitors.

“The Sin R1 project is a fantastic example of the networking power of Autosport International, and the sort of projects the show can facilitate,” said Ian France, Autosport International Show Director.

“Given that the partnership started with a meeting at the 2012 show, having race and road-going versions of the sports car on display at Autosport International 2014 is a great result for everyone involved.”

Including two days dedicated to industry visitors, Autosport Engineering in association with Racecar Engineering on 9-10 January, trade registration for Autosport International 2014 is now open. Tickets are available from £26, with discounts for group bookings. To register call +44 (0)845 218 6012, or visit

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