Skully Hud Helmet: The Future Of Rider And Vehicle TechnologyThe Piaggio Group, via its Aprilia brand, has announced a collaboration with Skully, the American company pioneering the development of helmets with Heads-up Display technology (HUD).  This is in order to develop new and highly sophisticated forms of rider-vehicle interaction for V4-MP, the Aprilia RSV4 and Tuono 1100-specific iteration of PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform), which is already available for several models in the Group’s motorcycle and scooter brands.

These combined technologies will mean the multitude of information available through the PMP system will be visible on the Skully helmet visor, in addition to the features already offered by the helmet itself. The system allows the rider to travel in improved safety, having all kinds of useful information available without having to take his or her hands off the handlebar.

The helmet replaces the vehicle instrument cluster, providing an exceptional amount of clear information that can be matched and recalled with voice command, shown on a transparent displayed positioned on an area of the visor that does not interfere with visibility. The wide angle rear camera constitutes a fundamental supplement to the bike’s original mirrors, providing a wide view and clear images without distracting the rider’s focus on the road, while the Piaggio multimedia platform, connected to the helmet via Bluetooth, takes care of providing all the necessary travel and vehicle indications.

Further Information about Piaggio Multimedia Platform

Piaggio Multimedia Platform connects your smartphone to your vehicle

In 2012 the Piaggio Group was the first manufacturer in the world to create a system which allowed the vehicle to be connected to a smartphone (and consequently to the web), thereby transforming it into an additional tool capable of providing an exceptional amount of added information compared to what is already provided by the factory instrumentation. The link between the vehicle and the internet is called PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform), which is already available for several models in the Group’s motorcycle and scooter brand ranges, making travel safer and more convenient. This is a window to the future which lays the foundation for a new way of looking at communication on two wheels. Once the free app has been downloaded, the Bluetooth pairing of the smartphone to the vehicle allows the various nearest authorised service centre, automatically setting navigation to reach it. PMP stores all the travel information and allows it to be studied in depth at a later time on your computer and it also contains the operating and service manual options to be viewed and easily modified to the rider’s preference: speedometer, rev counter, but also instantaneous engine power and torque, lean angle, longitudinal acceleration, instant and average fuel consumption, average speed and battery voltage are just some of the features that can be accessed. PMP increases rider and passenger safety: the tyre status monitoring feature uses the vehicle and smartphone sensors in synergy to monitor tyre wear and inflation, while the general analysis feature allows the vehicle status to be monitored, indicating the most appropriate action to take in the event of a fault, as well as the for your vehicle.

Further Information about Skully

Founded in 2013 in California’s Silicon Valley, Skully recently introduced the AR-1, the first motorbike helmet fitted with the highly advanced heads-up display (HUD) technology, until now available exclusively to military pilots. The information from the 180° rear view camera, the navigator and the weather information service is projected directly onto the helmet visor, providing clear enormous advantages in terms of safety and riding freedom

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