Solectric presents Rideet One, the first smart assistant with theft protection and emergency assistance for motorbikes.

The intelligent black box Rideet One can be easily installed by the owner and provides all important data about the motorbike via app, such as performance analyses, maintenance information, safety functions, lean angle measurement and tour management. The integrated SIM card sends an emergency message in the event of an accident and locates the motorbike in case of theft

SOLECTRIC GmbH, one of the leading industry partners for innovative photo and video products, drones and solutions for digital education and teaching in Europe, today introduces Rideet One, the first smart assistant for motorbikes. Rideet One enables cloud-based information exchange between biker and motorbike. The functions are not limited to determining essential parameters such as speed and duration of a trip. Bikers are also able to view, save and evaluate comprehensive status information on maintenance, service measures and lean angle. Rideet One’s functions are further rounded off with smart safety components. If an accident occurs, the sensors activate an emergency escalation with the help of Rideet AI (artificial intelligence). The rider must actively confirm that he or she is safe within one minute. If this does not happen, individually defined emergency messages (SMS) are sent to selected persons or rescue services including GPS position data and medical background data. In addition, an anti-theft function informs the owner of an unplanned movement via push notification on the smartphone. The integrated SIM card ensures a stable and secure connection in all networks worldwide. The installation of the compact black box does not require any special prior knowledge or a garage, so it can be implemented by any biker. Rideet One is available immediately throughout Europe at a RRP of EUR 249 (incl. VAT), including one year of connectivity (worldwide roaming).

Solectric Presents Rideet OneSmart assistant for every motorbike
Many car drivers are increasingly benefiting from smart functions for their vehicles. Is the car locked, are the windows still open, how much fuel is left in the tank? All this and more can be easily controlled via app. This is often not possible with two-wheelers. But Rideet One provides a remedy. In just a few simple steps, the compact black box makes every motorbike smart. This gives bike owners the opportunity to monitor and analyse their motorbike remotely. The installation is very simple, so it can be done by anyone. Simply connect it to the 12V battery, install the app, download data on the motorbike from the most comprehensive manufacturer database on the market – and you’re ready to go. The pre-installed multi-carrier SIM card provides worldwide connectivity with the best signal. There is no data limit for users and the  service costs only €4.90 per month for worldwide roaming (country list available on request). The first year of connectivity is included with the purchase of Rideet One. Thanks to its IP69K protection class, Rideet One is excellently protected against dirt and moisture and can even withstand a high-pressure cleaner. Rideet One is also Amazon Alexa compatible. Bikers can conveniently ask Alexa about the condition of the motorbike battery, tyre pressure or the next service appointment.

Solectric Presents Rideet OneSmart accident detection thanks to intelligent sensor algorithms – a fast first aid through emergency SMS to contacts and Rideet community
Rideet One’s integrated sensors detect speed, acceleration, lean angle and tilt angle data through an intelligent AI-driven algorithm. This reliably detects whether an accident has occurred. If an accident is detected, Rideet One triggers an alarm to the driver, which must be actively responded to within one minute, in case it is a fault message. If this does not happen, Rideet One sends an SMS to the emergency contacts predefined by the biker and a notification to Rideet users located within a 10 km radius. The SMS contains all information about the current GPS position and pre-set medical information such as blood type and allergies. The emergency signal can be stopped by the biker at any time by pressing the button on the Rideet Key which comes with the device. For more accurate location data, distances and speeds, Rideet One is equipped with GPS and GLONASS.

Telemetric data collection
Using the integrated sensors, Rideet One records detailed telemetry data, which can then be viewed on the Rideet app. This means that the maximum speed, acceleration and lean angle can be tracked. The determination of the lean angle for wheelies/stops will also be implemented in to the app in the future. The Rideet development team is constantly working on new features, which will be rolled out via the app and firmware updates. For sporty riders, there will be a drag mode in the future. This measures the acceleration times from 0-100 km/h or 0-200 km/h. Bikers can see their best 10 results, share them with their friends and compare them.Solectric Presents Rideet One

Anti-theft protection
Thanks to the Rideet Key, which is ideally attached to the key ring, the assistant recognises when the biker moves away from the motorbike. The system then starts the silent anti-theft system. If unauthorised persons move the motorbike or the 12V power supply is interrupted, owners receive a notification on their smartphone. Rideet One then starts automatic live position streaming. In addition, owners can create a “security geo-fence”, which is great for carports, underground garages and larger properties to avoid setting off false alarms.

Trip management and maintenance overview
Rideet One owners have access to one of the world’s most comprehensive databases of information, technical data and workshop manuals on almost every bike from the past 40 years. Which oil fits my bike, which tyre pressure is the right one? The Rideet app immediately finds the manufacturer’s recommendation. When does my bike need its next inspection? What work needs to be done? Rideet One also knows how to help here and saves the maintenance work in a digital service booklet. This way, owners are also notified about upcoming maintenance intervals. Of course, Rideet One can also record every ride and provides information about the start and end position, length and duration with detailed telemetry data.

Prices and availability
Rideet One is available at a RRP of EUR 249 (incl. VAT) including one year of connectivity (worldwide roaming) at The package includes 1x Rideet One + 1 x Rideet Key, 1x branch connector, 2 cable ties and quick start guide.

At a glance:

Rideet One
Rideet Key

• GSM + GPRS (always on)

• 9-axis High Resolution IMU

• IP69K protection class

• WiFi + Bluetooth

• MicroSD (eMMC ready)

• 3FF SIM (eSIM ready)

• Removable flat car fuse

• 12 V & earth cable with hook fork connectors,

alternative branch connectors included

• Works with Amazon Alexa

• Bluetooth LE

• Button cell (6-7 months runtime)

• Control button


• Buzzer


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