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Soriano Motori Launches Revolutionary Ev Motorcycle
GIAGUARO V1GARA The Soriano top product is an inspiration from the shapes and colors of its multiple ancestral uniqueness, and aggressive and original look of the 1940’s headlights. This remarkable sleek fairing enhances the exclusive aluminum frame, and entirely racing inspired refinement that only champions can claim.

The Soriano Group / Family Office launches Soriano Motori Corp, a high performance EV motorcycle innovation, design, and cultural liaison for the next generation of riders, from a legacy brand of motorcycles originally founded in 1919.  The launch of Soriano Motori Corp under the leadership of Marco A. Soriano will continue the Soriano legacy of innovation and invention ahead of its time.

“Soriano Motori Corp’s motorcycles represent the finest Italian design, image, branding, architecture and engineering, that for the first time are being applied to EV motorcycles for the next generation of riders,” said Marco A. Soriano, founder of Soriano Motori Corporation. “Owners of Soriano Motori motorcycles are assured the look, feel and lifestyle of what they love about motorcycles, fused with the intoxication of a strong and proud made in Italy brand. We bring elegance and innovation into balance to deliver something that is transcendent for the motorcycle culture.”

For years, the Italian pursuit of both style and grace in the most advanced form of engineering has become a pride of the culture. “The owners of Soriano EV motorcycles are promised to be piloting one of the most advanced, stylist, and environmentally friendly Italian machines on the planet,” said Marco A. Soriano. Production takes place at two state-of-the-art facilities in Oggiono and Lecco, towns surrounding the outstanding Lake Como, Italy. The facilities and managerial ethos of the company lends to a holistic, zen-like, and futuristic environment in which to create one of the finest machines known to mankind.

Application, design, integration, manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) approaches and systems are already established in delivery and production of our V1-R, V1-S and V1-Gara series models, currently available for pre-order and initially capped at 100 total available units. As a modern global brand, Soriano Motori’s payment systems are secured and enabled to receive multiple global currencies including US dollar (USD), the British pound (BDP) and the Euro (EUR), as well as various mainstream cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

“Many of us experienced our first moments of true freedom and exploration by riding our BMX bikes around the neighborhood. Whether motoring around with your best friends and their little brothers and sisters, or maybe some yet-to-be consummated friendships, these were inclusive moments with kids from all walks of life who came together around the freedom of two-wheel movement, exploration, and companionship,” said Soriano. “Soriano Motori channels these experiences to bring people together. It’s woven into the fabric of everything we do, whether riding our bikes or connecting with people across our community and at our clubs.”

In the future Soriano Motori Corp plans to channel the elegance and sophistication of its brand into an Owners and Lifestyle Club for riders (e.g. access to the best VIP services and lifestyle events), as well as a racing team and line of apparel and designer goods.

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About Soriano Motori Corporation

Founded in 2020, Soriano Motori Corporation is the American parent company of the European division, Soriano Motori Factory SpA. SMC seeks to create a legacy of invention and modernization much like Ricardo Soriano-Scholtz von Hermensdorff did when he established The Soriano-Pedroso SpA in Paris, 1919 and posteriorly R. Soriano SrL in Madrid, 1939 as the First Spanish Manufacturing Company.  Well-seasoned electric propulsion engineers from the European Union and the USA have collaborated to recreate and bring you this motorcycle icon with today’s state-of-the-art technology. For more information about Soriano Motori Corporation, please visit

About Soriano Owners and Lifestyle Club

The Soriano Owners and Lifestyle Club is all about elegance, sophistication and access to the best VIP service and lifestyle events.  Soriano World members will have access to an exclusive club of fashion, racing team, well-known racetracks, and the manufacturing facility factory. The first Soriano Club is planned to open in New York City circa 2022 in a townhouse style for all the local riders, artists, actors, posh businessmen and women of the big apple.

Today we aim to unite our future members and clubs with the famous Marbella Club founded in 1954 by Ricardo Soriano’s nephew Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe,as well as entertain with fine cuisine restaurants, spas, workspaces, cinemas and showrooms about our work of arts, engineering and ecological consciousness.

We will aim to be the platform that foments creativity, fashion, engineering and beauty in all its forms; a sophisticated place where its members and visitors can share ideas, network in both physical and digital spaces, while upholding our core values to diversity, respect and international flares.

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