Soriano Motori Launches Revolutionary Ev Motorcycle

GIAGUARO V1GARA The Soriano top product is an inspiration from the shapes and colors of its multiple ancestral uniqueness, and aggressive and original look of the 1940’s headlights. This remarkable sleek fairing enhances the exclusive aluminum frame, and entirely racing inspired refinement that only champions can claim.

Soriano Motori Corp is reviving the historic European motorcycle brand established by inventor Ricardo Soriano Scholtz von Hermensdorff II in 1919, with today’s best state-of-the-art technology, mechanical and electrical engineering offered in the field of electric propulsion for vehicles with top well seasoned engineers from the EU and the USA.

Electric mobility is expanding at a rapid pace. The years 2017 and 2018 have, however, been very noteworthy for the EV market. In 2017 was a landmark year for EVs as global sales surpassed one million units for the first time. Studies, including a prominent one by Deloitte estimate that year 2022 will be a tipping point because the price premium for EVs will be eliminated, which will cause a sudden and rapidly rising surge in demand for EVs as a replacement for gas vehicles and ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) in general.

Cost effective, Eco-friendly
We revisit EVs’ charging economics and CO2 intensity post-crisis, concluding:
(1)  EVs are likely to retain their fuel cost advantage, with electricity still >50% cheaper than diesel despite oil price declines; 
(2)  Coal phase-out and green stimulus should accelerate the CO2 reduction opportunity, with typical EVs emitting 70% less CO2 vs. diesel by 2030 on our estimates; and 
(3)  Charging is likely to feature heavily in EU stimulus with our updated forecasts implying >€100bn spending on equipment/installation by 2040. Electricity brings the final step to motorcycle’s evolution; it makes it possible to construct a perfect near perpetual zero-emissions motorcycle machine.

Design and Performance
State-of-the art technology, aircraft-graded frame, specifically designed to minimize weight and increase strength is our signature patented Soriano duo flex engine – liquid cooled brushless. First time in EVs where our bikes come with 5 gear selections so one would feel the raw power, speed, and acceleration for continuous riding experience with each gear change and an overall optimization of consumption and energy distribution. Our Italian heritage is staying true for what Italy stands for which are high quality, luxurious style, and innovation with superior craftsmanship, unique engineering solutions and distinctive design.

Be part of the Global Soriano Lifestyle Club
The Soriano Owners and Lifestyle Club is all about elegance, sophistication and access to the best VIP service and lifestyle events. Soriano World members will have access to an exclusive club of fashion, racing team, well-known racetracks, and the manufacturing facility factory. The first Soriano Club is planned to open in New York City circa 2022 in a townhouse style for all the local riders, artists, actors, posh businessmen and women of the big apple.

“We’re taking the thrill of riding into the future, and we’re bringing you along for the ride!” – Marco Soriano, Founder

We have sold 30% of our limited-edition models and are currently available for pre-order.

Learn more at

SOURCE Soriano Group & Family Office

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