Spidi MetrogloveSPIDI Metroglove gloves combine the soft and supple finish of goatskin with the safety requirements of the EN 13594: 2015 certification (motorcycle gloves with knuckles protection). Compatible with touchscreen devices, Metroglove gloves are ideal for downtown comfort even in the harshest weather conditions, thanks to the waterproof and breathable H2Out® membrane and the 100gr thermal padding.

The story of Spidi, rooted in the tradition of artisan leather craftsmanship began in northeast Italy.
In 1977, Spidi’s founder, Renato Dalla Grana produced early models of leather gloves with a singular vision of motorcycle apparel. These gloves were specially designed to improve safety and riding performance on two wheels. Until this time, no one else had thought of designing and building a pair of gloves specifically for motorbikes, nor with the technical features to meet the comfort and protection needs of the motorcyclist. For more than thirty years, Spidi has realized inimitable gloves with a unique know-how kept alive by great entrepreneurial passion and love of motorcycling.

The first motorcycle glove manufactured in the Spidi workshop burst on the scene in 1977. Crafted by masters in leather manufacturing, a Spidi racing glove is a work of art! The perfect result of both style and technology. 1978 brought the first Spidi ergonomic racing glove.

It was reinforced, in subsequent years, by metal studs on the palm of the hand. Spidi gloves are made with inner stitchings both for protection and to exponentially increase resistance to abrasion and tearing. In the ‘90s, SPIDI introduced synthetic materials to its riding gloves. With the gauntlet, the design of the glove evolved and became an aerodynamic extension of the suit. Spidi continued its experimentation with the first applications of thermoformed composite materials, like carbon, and the use of air vents. In 2000, SPIDI introduced plaques made by materials compressed at high pressure, designed to better adapt to the hand’s anatomic features. Nowadays wearing a Spidi’s glove means wearing more than 35 years spent in research and innovation.

With such a historic heritage on the motorcycle glove, it is no surprise to find so many advanced features hidden in these classic looking gloves, that still reach the full CE certification.

Flex Tenax fabric couple with premium goat leather to create a naturally strong outer shell, SPIDI proprietary H2Out membrane donates a complete waterproofness and the combination of 100gr thermal padding, micropile and microfleece interior make for a warm and cozy sensation when riding during chilly days.

-High tenacity elastic Flex Tenax Nylon 6.6, extreme abrasion resistance
-Polar microfleece
-Elasticized fabric
-High resistant suede microfiber
-Goat Leather, 0.6/ 0.8 mm thick, high fitting performance
-CE: it is the mark of compliance with health and safety requirements by EU Directive 89/686 / EEC
-PPE protective motorcycle gloves EN 13594: 2015 certified with Lev.1
-Back of hand padding
-Padding on the knuckles
-Glove lined with 100 gr padding
-Wristband adjustment and wrist closure


Sizes: S – 3XL
Colors: Blue
Price: North America $69.90, Europe €59.90

More info: https://www.spidi.com/product/c91-026

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