Hello, motor enthusiasts! Students, office workers, engineers, programmers, marketing specialists, and whoever you are, if you are reading this article, then we’ve got a similar passion. It’s all about motorsports.

You know, back in my studentship days, I once asked a professional to help me write my research paper and left for Indianapolis to see the first Grand Prix stage with my own eyes. It was an amazing experience I then developed into a racing hobby. Of course, my career didn’t go any further than some amateur kart track races, but I still carry that passion in my heart. And I visit racing events quite frequently.

By the way, it does not matter for me what kind of transport participates in a race. I enjoy the speed and extremely high skill of racers, and I love how powerful engines sound!

Still, I know that modern students are busy. That is why, if you don’t have friends of professionals to write an essay for you, summer is the best season to spend travelling around the world and watching some cool racing competitions.

Obviously, the coronavirus pandemic is still with us, and nobody knows if all these events will take place on time and with the usual public access in summer 2021. However, you might check the list of motorsport races below for the future, too.

The dates shown are relevant so far on April 28, 2021, but be advised. The officials may cancel and shift events regarding the epidemiological situations in the regions and worldwide. So, you better check things yourself additionally to know that for sure, and to order custom term paper service beforehand to avoid possible problems with your studies.

World Rally Championship – Italy (Sardinia)
Date: June 3-6
It’s a perfect motorsport event to start your racing summer. Italy has many more attractions in June, as the weather becomes warm and even hot. If you want, consider planning your vacation regarding the places you would like to see here. Italy has everything from the sea to the mountains. And, of course, don’t forget to visit the WRC Italy stage in Sardinia.

The stage is held around the town of Alghero. It’s a place of mountain roads that are twisty, sandy, and pretty narrow. It’s a relatively new rally place. The first event took place here in 2004 after the Rallye Sanremo was cancelled.

MotoGP – Netherlands, Dutch TT (Assen)
Date: June 27
A worthy event for all motorbike lovers in Europe and worldwide is the Dutch Tourist Trophy in Assen. The TT Circuit Assen motorcycle track had the first race organized more than 70 years ago, in 1949. Since then, the place became known among racing admirers and participants as the “Speed Cathedral”.

As a MotoGP stage, the TT Assen track held events every year since 1949 but in 2020, when the race was cancelled because of the COVID-19 outbreak. If they cancel it in 2021 as well, make sure you added visiting Assen to your calendar of future plans – it’s really worth seeing.

Formula 1 – British Grand Prix (Silverstone Circuit)
Date: July 18
It’s the F1 World Championship stage. Nowadays, it’s the Silverstone Circuit that holds the event, and it’s well-known among all Formula-1 fans and enthusiasts.

The first British Grand Prix race took place almost a century ago, in 1926. The French team of Louis Wagner and Robert Senechal piloting the Delage 155B car was the first to win the competition.

In 1950, the race was moved to Silverstone track in Northamptonshire, which later became the most famous British circuit. In 2020, the Formula 1 70th Anniversary Grand Prix took place here. It’s a place with history, and you might want to visit it even if you are not a dedicated motorsport fan so far. You will become one after coming here, trust me.

24 Hours of Le Mans – France (Le Mans)
Date: August 22
Here comes the legend. The 24 Hours of Le Mans race is a yearly event taking place every year since 1923. Most probably, even your friends who have never been interested in cars, motorbikes, or racing heard about this race.

The event held near Le Mans in France is also known as the “Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency”. The point is, the car of every team participating in a race should make it through the 24-hour long race without any mechanical issues and cover more distance compared to other participants.

That’s why every team’s engineers and drivers need to find the best possible balance between their car’s durability and speed. Additionally, it’s the endurance of pilots that is put to the test: they need to spend up to four hours straight behind the wheel until their partner substitutes them at one of the pit stops. The relevant race rules state there should be three or more pilots replacing each other throughout 24 hours of the race.

Le Mans is, without a doubt, the most epic motorsport competition. You will never regret coming to France to see it with your own eyes!


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