Super Soco Leads The Charge In Uk’s Electric Two-wheel RevolutionOfficial year-to-date registration statistics from the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) have revealed that Super Soco has not only become the UK’s fastest-growing electric powered two wheeler (ePTW) brand, but also the UK’s fastest-growing powered two wheeler (PTW) brand overall, beating all petrol-fuelled alternatives to the accolade.
The electric motorcycle marque has enjoyed a 17.5% market share increase in the electric sector and a 1.3% increase in the overall PTW category, which includes all motorcycle and scooter brands available in the UK. The news comes on the back of a bumper first quarter that has seen Super Soco go from strength-to-strength in a booming two-wheel market.
The brand is more than leading the charge in the electric stakes, accounting for an impressive 50% of the ePTW registrations for April and a third of the market share for the year-to-date. Its 125cc-equivalent CPx maxi scooter, which was launched in the UK in 2020 and is hailed as the ultimate commuting machine, has become the top-selling electric model and the eighth best-selling PTW overall of the year so far.
April 2021 figures showed a massive year-on-year increase of 570% in registrations of motorcycles and scooters overall, with the electric sector of the market up 515.7%. While some of the growth can be attributed to lockdown limiting 2020 sales, a comparison to 2019 still shows a very respectable increase (10.7% for PTW overall) and a proven shift towards two-wheeled travel.
The events of the past year have forced many consumers to rethink the way in which they approach transport. What may have been instigated by the need for a safer way to travel during a pandemic situation, is now evolving into the realisation that two-wheels offers far-reaching benefits as an alternative day-to-day mode of transport.
In the case of Super Soco and the electric market, the additional benefit is of course the green credentials, with the more environmentally conscious opting for a machine that does not emit polluting gases and which costs considerably less to run. Super Soco’s model range also offers a bike to suit all riders, whether they’re new to two wheels and after an accessible, easy-to-ride option or an existing biker seeking an efficient and cost-effective commuting machine.
The recent announcement of a Santander finance offer on the full model range has only served to increase the popularity of Super Soco, giving customers even more affordable access to electric transport. As 2021 and the boom in ePTW registrations continues, Super Soco is looking set to become the true market leader in terms of changing the face of urban transport.
Richard Jordan, CEO of Super Soco UK
“We are obviously thrilled with the latest registration statistics and see this as a pivotal moment for both the ePTW market and for Super Soco in the UK. We launched in the British market in 2017, so in the space of just four years we’ve gone from a relative unknown to the fastest growing ePTW brand with a dominant portion of the market share. To be in the top ten best-selling PTWs overall, outselling some of the really big names, is quite something for an electric brand. We’re very proud of the achievements, but we won’t be resting on our laurels now. We’re seeing a really positive trend in the electric sector and we’re confident that if we continue on this trajectory, we’ll see sales in excess of 1000 units by the end of 2021.”

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