Superhero Themed Slot Games

There are several superhero slot games available. A lot of games attract players if they are connected to something as the player usually has the knowledge of the basis of the game due to knowing the superhero.

Despite initially being a children’s interest, over the years it has become fashionable for adults to also have an interest in superhero’s and with a slight twist on the original superhero plot and the return of superhero’s from years and years ago it is more acceptable for adults to play.

Some of the superheroes that have put their name to slot machines at are as follows: 

Dark Knight Rises.
Batman and Robin, as it was, is now no longer and is now simply Batman and with a darker more adult feel to it. Named after the movie, The Dark Knight Rises, Microgaming saw an opportunity and launched Dark Knight Rising in 2013, a year after the movie was released. The game features excellent strong graphics and portray some of the movies characters. During the game there are clips of the movie and the sound track from the movie too. Wilds, free spins, scatters and the amazing Heat Seeking Wilds which splits a wild in two, the game is still as popular as when it was first released. 

Marvels Spiderman
Spiderman is one of the most recognized superhero’s. Marvel Spiderman slot was developed by Playtech and follows the theme of Spiderman comic strip rather than the movie that came later. The graphics are reminiscent to the original comic strip. The game is a progressive slot and has four jackpots and has five reels and twenty-five pay lines. Symbols include The Green Goblin, newspapers and Peter Parker’s camera.  The game offers the usual bonus features, free spins, wild symbols and scatters but also a Hot Zone where free spins are available and a hot zone web will be seen on the reels. The game is packed with entertaining features. reviews the latest casino slots

Iron Man
Playtech also developed Iron Man and launched the original game in 2009. Following the success of the movies Playtech then launched two sequels to the original game, however, the original is still a favourite with many players. The game is a non-progressive game, however, it is still thrilling and offers five reels and twenty five unfixed pay lines meaning the player has twenty five different chances to get a winning combination. Iron Man doesn’t have a huge range of special symbols but does, however, in Iron Man 2 the symbols are that of the actors in the movie such as Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johannson and Mickey Rourke as well as the new Iron Man 2 suit. Playtech have ensured that they keep up with the movies in making its games replicate the movies.

The Incredible Hulk
After finding fame on television in the 70’s, the Incredible Hulk had an enormous come back. Playtech launched The Incredible Hulk slot in 2009 following on from the success of the 2009 movie. The game offers four progressive jackpots and features Dr Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk , helicopters, police cars and radiation symbols. The radiation symbols can pay out up to 4000 coins when the player lands five on a pay line.