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Testing Times With Optimate Ts120OptiMate’s new hand-held tester makes checking 12 volt battery and charging system quick and easy. Much more than a regular voltmeter, the OptiMate Test TS120 is a unique, hand-held, on-vehicle tester, which checks both the battery and charging system in one sequence:

1. Connect to the battery and the OptiMate TS120’s easy-to-read display instantly shows ‘rest’ voltage – an indication of battery health.
2. Next, start the vehicle and the OptiMate TS120 checks and displays the battery’s starting power. The lowest voltage will stay on display for a few seconds, as this is a good indication of the battery’s remaining starting capabilities.
3. Once the engine is running it then checks if the charging system is able to decently charge the battery.

Ideal for cars and motorcycles alike, the TS120’s three-phase test sequence allows any vehicle owner to see the health of the complete system and quickly diagnose whether a fault lies in the battery itself or with the alternator – saving both time and money replacing parts for new when not needed. An added benefit is the ability to check maximum charging voltage before replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium ones, as they cannot accept any overcharging.

The OptiMate TS120 is water-resistant and supplied with both crocodile clips and SAE connectors, selling for £29.99 including VAT. The test procedure can be seen in action at For information on the complete range of OptiMate battery optimisers and accessories visit

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