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The All Electric Seat Mo Escooter 125 Hits The Market 02Mobility needs are shifting as more people live and work in urban environments, and the desire for a more personalised approach to transportation grows. Seat embraces change, and while it remains committed to vehicle manufacturing, it also appreciates that new attitudes are needed, so is expanding its portfolio to better reflect this changing world.

“The world is changing and approaches to mobility need to change with it, especially in urban environments,” said #seat MÓ Director Lucas Casasnovas. “The Seat MÓ eScooter 125 shows the continuous commitment of Seat MÓ, SEAT’s urban mobility division, to taking care of the environment, cities and people. #seat MÓ continues to develop urban mobility products and services that ensure mobility without noise, without emissions and with a minimum footprint, in order to improve the quality people’s lives in cities.”

The Seat MÓ eScooter 125 is the brand’s first all-electric motorcycle, designed to provide convenience and simplicity for those traversing congested cities.

And as the city with the most motorcycles per capita in Europe, Barcelona is the perfect location to carry on the two-wheeled mobility tradition, thus delivering a vehicle that democratises electric, sustainable mobility and meets the needs of our future. At a time when mobility is changing and shaping people’s daily lives and the urbanism of great urban areas, SEAT has the responsibility and commitment to become the ally cities need to make mobility more efficient, more sustainable and safer. In this context, this year, the company inaugurated CASA SEAT.

Located in the heart of Barcelona, CASA SEAT is a tribute by the brand to the city that saw its birth 70 years ago. This space was created with the aim of becoming the hub for urban mobility leaded by SEAT MÓ and in this way, address todays’s challenges through the co-creation of solutions together with different stakeholders.

The SEAT MÓ eScooter 125 is entering the Spanish market in November 2020 and will be launched in the main European markets by the beginning of 2021. It will be available with a starting price of 6,250€ or a financing offer of 3€ a day (in Spain).
The All Electric Seat Mo Escooter 125 Hits The Market 01

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