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The attractive armour your motorcycle needs

The attractive armour your motorcycle needs

The Attractive Armour Your Motorcycle NeedsGIVI have different accessories available to protect the most vulnerable mechanical parts of your machinery, whether off-road or on it.

As early as the 10th century, ‘riders’ of the time were careful to have everything prepared to face any adventure or danger when on horseback, and this included effective -but tremendously heavy- protection. Fortunately, since the Middle Ages, the way to protect both yourself and what you are riding has improved exponentially. What remains unchanged is the rider’s desire to look after their trusty companion, and with this in mind GIVI offer a wide range of efficient, lightweight and attractively designed protective additions that safeguard the sensitive mechanical parts of the motorcycle, such as the engine, chains, radiator and chassis.

The development department at the Italian brand have not only come up with interesting solutions to increase the load capacity of the motorcycle, but have also worked on authentic and ‘armour’ available for almost all models on the market -or combined with attachment kits designed for each model. These protective elements are placed at specific points to prevent the vehicle from being damaged by falls or simple abrasion from stones and gravel.

The excellent technical-constructive characteristics of this product range are combined with extreme attention to design, to integrate perfectly with the general aesthetics of the motorcycle, whether for the trails or for the road. Among the pieces are:The Attractive Armour Your Motorcycle Needs

The engine protector slider, known to many as an “anti-fall stop”, made of an anodised aluminium base and a fibreglass-reinforced polymer body and available in four colours (aluminium grey, black, red and green). This feature has an aerodynamic design and an impact-resistant construction, which holds off abrasion and also solvents, fuels and humidity. It is characterised by the absence of visible screws, a technical decision that also facilitates easy assembly and disassembly.

GIVI, motorbike equipment, engine protectors, crash protectors, crankcase covers, mudguards,
The crankcase cover made of aluminium that gives trail bikes an even more ‘off-road’ appearance; It also protects the crankcase from stones, from changes in gradient and potholes that can be found on and off-road.

The heat protector for side saddlebags, made of anodised aluminium, with an adhesive strip in fabric capable of resisting high temperatures. This band makes it possible to avoid contact between the support and the exhaust pipe, avoiding damage to this part.

There are also other protective elements such as manifold protectors, tubular engine fenders, rear wheel mudguards and protectors for Boxer engines and radiators.

For more information about these products or any other accessories for your motorcycle visit or call 01327 706220.

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The Attractive Armour Your Motorcycle Needs

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