The Bullit V-Bob 250 Review

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New Harley-Davidson Model. Or is it? The Bullit V-Bob 250 Review. The bike Harley should’ve made!

Review by MrDarcy & the Ol’Man

We review the brand new motorcycle Harley-Davidson should have made – the Bullit V-bob 250cc V-Twin!

This motorbike is a proper cruiser! It is powered by a 250cc V-twin, air cooled engine, with 5 gears, forward controls and belt drive!

It is the perfect alternative to a Harley-Davidson, and would be ideal for anyone on an A2 licence, climbing the ladder, or for those who don’t want a full-sized big heavy torquey motorbike.

Harley-Davidson should be making bikes like this, and they have clearly made some massive mistakes in planning their new models. The Livewire and the now axed Bronx Streetfighter are prime examples. Sports Bike and

Naked Bike riders don’t like Harleys, and they aint goin’ to buy a Harley-Davidson branded Sports Bike! Harley, want to attract younger riders, and the new Bullit V-Bob is the way to do it! Just make smaller versions of what you are known for Harley-Davidson!

We give this brand new motorcycle model the full treatment, and tell you everything you need to know about it!

This is the first proper review of this bike, so sit back and enjoy!

Find out what we think of this new bike for 2020/2021.

We look at the power, fuel economy, handling, styling, seating position, how good it is for tall or shorter riders and much much more!

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