The evolution of a metropolitan icon

The Evolution Of A Metropolitan IconThe evolution of a metropolitan icon. The FGTR helmet by Milanese brand Momodesign gets a makeover.

The partnership between Dainese and Momodesign gives rise to a new generation of FGTR helmets – ultimate style, quality and comfort with the best safety ever.

The new FGTR helmet – the quintessential urban demi open-face helmet inspired by helicopter flight helmets – evolves in all its shapes and forms. Fully restyled, the new design highlights its distinctive features, colors and exclusive graphics – a blend of style and quality, perfected in terms of safety and comfort.

Dainese’s culture of innovation, experimentation and safety meets the iconic design of Momodesign to radically transform the range with a shared aim – spreading Italian design and quality throughout the world and supporting present and future urban mobility challenges.

Dainese presents FGTR EVO and FGTR CLASSIC, the newly revamped lines from the 2024 range that, owing to the Group’s in-depth knowledge of safety and extreme use of helmets, now meets the strict E2206 certification criteria.

Dainese’s expertise in terms of attention to detail, choice of materials and quality finishes makes FGTR even more unique. Innovation through style is the soul of Momodesign. It is guided by the rule of designing exceptional objects that celebrate uniqueness and the extraordinary, reinventing new standards that answer to contemporary lifestyles, distinguishing itself from urban chaos and communicating its mission to new generations.The Evolution Of A Metropolitan Icon

FGTR EVO, the premium version of the FGTR range, is the helmet boasting 100% Italian design. Distinguished by handcrafted details, such as the hand-stitched edges on the profile of the shell and visor, today the EVO model gets a makeover, with three shell sizes available, retaining its rounded shape and iconic “T” logo.

The visor, featuring two carbon fiber mounts with a matte finish, has been revamped, as has the visor mechanism, completely redesigned to make changing the lens itself easier and safer. The new cheek pad design allows them to hug the rider’s face more closely for superior comfort, due in part to the fit specifically developed for using eyewear.

On the new Evo version, contrasting white stitching and brushed metal pawls make it a helmet with an elegant look for every motorcycle and scooter rider who wants style and safety. It’s a versatile model, due to the built-in sun visor that makes it ideal for trips on sunny days.

The new EVO range features a refined color palette with a metallic texture for the Mono line, while sober and sophisticated graphics distinguish the Hip line. The interior of the FGTR EVO is removable and washable, compatible with general communication systems, and features a quick-absorbing fabric – DrySpeed treatment – for maximum comfort.The Evolution Of A Metropolitan Icon

FGTR CLASSIC, an ever-evolving metropolitan icon, embodies the perfect blend of style, quality and safety.

The Classic model retains the same technical characteristics as the Evo model, with the exception of the sun visor. In the revamped version, tone-on-tone stitching and black pawls emphasize a bold look.

The chromatic choices for the Mono, Candy and Flip lines further enhance this model’s design with bold interplays of contrasting tones that retrace the palette of the brand’s great classics while also adding new bright colors, once again creating an urban icon for all motorcycle and scooter riders who love to stand out.

FGTR Classic is available from authorized dealers at a price of €199 for the Mono version and €219 for the Multi version, while FGTR Evo is available at a price of €229 for the Mono version and €239 for the Multi version.The Evolution Of A Metropolitan Icon