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The Ins and Outs of Motorbike Boots

There are many different types of boots out on the market that are designed for a range of functions. Whether you ride for sport, to tour, or to ride off-road, the best boots for your journey will depend entirely on how, why, and where you ride. Boots are often the only piece of gear that we keep on during the day when we are off our motorcycles and going about the rest of the day. This means they need to be comfortable enough to both ride and walk in, as well as being light and subtle enough for us to wear for the whole day. Of course, on top of all these things and most importantly, they need to provide protection.

By looking through some of the J&S Motorbike Boots, we thought we would give you a guide of the best boots on the market at the moment and when the best time to wear them is.

Touring Motorbike Boots

These boots are also known as ‘commuting’ boots and are worn by those who travel on road trips around the country that can last days, weeks or even months. If you’re just popping to the shop or spending the day in the office, for instance, these boots are best left for long journeys around the countryside. Because of the length of these journeys, touring boots need to be built for comfort and ease and are usually longer than other boots at 10 to 14 inches high.


Touring boots often have a flexible sole to provide comfort for long rides and it’s best to buy waterproof ones in case you ride into bad weather on one of your journeys. They’re light and supportive and there are many different brands and designs available.

Racing Boots

Racing boots are built to provide ultimate protection when riders come off their bikes at a high speed. Often made out of metal and leather, as well as other hardwearing materials, these boots are bigger, heavier, and safer.


These Sidi Vertigo Evo Motorcycle boots come with a closing system meaning you can easily tighten and loosen the fit around your calves. Your boots should hug your heel without being too tight around the rest of your feet, giving you further protection if you should come off your bike. Most racing boots will include extra features such as this to protect your ankles and feet, as well as shock absorbers, toe sliders and ventilation systems.

Ankle Boots

It is important to wear boots that cover your ankles and are firm at the top of the boot so that you will be supported when riding. High tops may be less comfortable but they will give you much more protection. There are plenty of boots designed to looks less like motorcycle boots and more like everyday wear but still give maximum protection. This is perfect for those of us travelling on the road to the office or for a shopping trip as we can make the transition from the road to the street with no effort at all.


The ankle boot range consists of many different styles, some looking more like motorcycle boots than others. Whether you want a subtle black pair or a fashionable design such as the Super Duty 4 which have a Timberland feel to them, you will be able to find pretty much any design you want. Be sure to look at the specifications of the ankle boot you go for because safety is definitely more important than fashion in this case.

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