The Layering PrincipleEffective layering systems help riders deal with the varied weather conditions and temperatures frequently thrown at them while on the road, reducing perspiration and overheating on the warmer days, while insulting and protecting from wind chill when the temperature drops.

Layering enables people to make quick adjustments as the weather changes; adding or removing layers to keep them comfortable and focussed on riding.

Each layer has a function: the base layer (against the skin) manages moisture, helping to regulate body temperature by moving perspiration away from the skin to the outside of the fabric, where it can evaporate. The mid-layer is for insulating, protecting from the cold and trapping a layer of warm air close to the body, while the shell or outer layer shields from wind and rain.

Layering with Modern Textile Clothing

Most modern textile bike jackets are fitted with waterproof and windproof liners (e.g. Gore-Tex) and many have thermal lining too, made using insulating materials, such as Thinsulate. However, cold draughts frequently find their way in, through collars, cuffs and around zips & fasteners, forcing out body heat and causing rapid drops in temperature. Because base- and mid-layers are worn next to the body, they provide more efficient insulation.

Dry Inside and Cold Killers from Knox regulate and stabilise body temperature and – unlike layers made from conventional/traditional fabrics – are designed to be comfortable and less restrictive under riding kit.

Dry Inside base layers are made from MerinoPerform™ Advantage – a combination of soft Australian Merino wool and fast drying synthetic fibres – and are designed to move vapour and sweat away from the body quickly, keeping you dry and cool on warmer days and insulating when the temperature drops.

Australian Merino is amongst the finest and lightest wool available, with a silky outer layer, so it won’t itch or irritate like other wools can. All Dry Inside garments feature soft seam construction for added comfort and also have a natural resistance to the bacteria that causes odour.

Cold Killers mid layers feature Softshell fabric construction: a three-ply laminate, with a tough and tightly woven stretch fabric on the outside, a laminated membrane, and 3-D fleece liner.

The three-layer system acts as a barrier against the wind – helping to reduce the effects of wind chill – and allows warm air to circulate round the skin, reducing the overheat/chill-down cycle associated with conventional layering. It’s also water repellent and breathable, so it helps prevent water ingress and the build-up of moisture from perspiration too.

It’s also extremely thin and flexible, eliminating the need for extra bulky layers, allowing freedom of movement, and ensuring there are no ‘tight spots’ to restrict circulation.

Although designed primarily for motorcycling, both the Dry Inside and Cold Killers collections work seamlessly in a variety of other outdoor activities, including cycling and hiking, in all seasons and climates.

Styled in Knox’s London Design Studio, and made in their Lake District factory, they can be worn as casual apparel too, so there’s no need to carry additional clothing to change into when you reach your destination.

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