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The Metzeler Brand Unveils The New Karoo™ StreetThe METZELER brand unveils the new KAROO™ Street, enabling road tyre performance from an off-road style ‘knobbly’ tread pattern

A new METZELER enduro tyre extends the KAROO™ range towards a dedicated road use, combining excellent agility and grip, even in wet conditions, with reliable off-road traction

METZELER now extends its highly successful KAROO™ range towards pure road use with the new KAROO™ Street . Delivering excellent road performance, even in wet conditions, the new enduro tyre remains aggressively styled, with its knobbly tread pattern continuing to provide off-road capability.

Owners of adventure, ‘enduro street’ and dual purpose motorcycles are increasingly looking for sport touring performance when used on asphalt, but without sacrificing off-road capabilities. While responding to this market request, however, the METZELER KAROO™ Street maintains an off-road look, in character with these type of motorcycles, while delivering excellent road performance on both dry and wet asphalt.

The METZELER KAROO™ Street tyre has been developed for the latest generation of adventure, big enduro and dual purpose motorcycles, capable of taking dirt roads in their stride. With the KAROO™ Street tyre these motorcycles will now be further enhanced to tackle distant road journeys, where good mileage, stability and comfort are fundamental throughout the life-cycle of the tyre.


Designed for all levels of cross-country riding, the METZELER brand’s KAROO™product family now offers a range that spans from the desert all the way to street. The new KAROO™ Street will be available from March 2018 onwards.

  • KAROO™ Street , a unique combination of off-road look with on-road agility
  • KAROO™ 3 , dedicated to off-road raids and adventure journeys
  • KAROO™ Extreme , a product developed to compete in the professional Rally races

Main features:

  • On-road agility: KAROO™ Street tyre provides excellent handling and grip in comparison to its knobbly tyre competition, due to the sport touring derived profiles that deliver a typical on-road dynamic behaviour.
  • Wet grip and wet handling: Enhanced safety with reliable grip in wet conditions, generated by the high silica compounds which promote chemical grip on wet asphalt.
  • Off-road traction: The KAROO™ Street ’s layout of blocks and variable spacing between the knobs, provides excellent dirt road traction especially in long-distance clay and hard-packed trails.
  • High-speed stability: Large sized blocks and their coupling to a stiff carcass, provides perfect stability at high speeds on road, even when fully loaded with luggage and passenger.
  • High mileage: KAROO™ Street tyre offers high effective mileage, the result of introducing abrasion-resistant compounds.

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